Can the book you read lead to love?

Here\'s An Interesting One that says More than half the population believes you can judge a person by the books they read. Both men and women share the belief, but men are more convinced by the idea than women. They say We all know the saying that men think of sex every seven seconds, which may explain why the under 34 year old male is particularly interested in the girls reading Sex and the City by Candace Bushnall


UMd. reading about gay student riles conservatives

James Nimmo sent over This Washington Times Story that says family advocacy groups object to University of Maryland freshmen being asked to read a play about a homosexual college student, and are monitoring a Texas library\'s decision to remove from its shelves a book they say promotes homosexuality and abortion.

Always remember, if you don\'t like it, that means it\'s no good for anyone.


Love of books helps kids succeed in school, and life

This Nice Piece says only about half of children ages 3 to 5 have a book read to them
by an adult each day and that\'s just one reason why 40 percent of youngsters
entering kindergarten are not prepared.

\"Children who are read to frequently are nearly twice as likely as
other children to show three or more skills associated with emerging literacy.\"


Tiny-Book Publisher Is Losing Her Vision

The LATimes is Reporting Barbara Raheb, who produced 530 miniature titles in 27 years, is suffering from macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness for people older than 60. Those with the malady find that the central portion of their field of vision is covered by a gray blob.
They say she is the nation\'s biggest little-book publisher. Her leather-bound volumes have thumbnail-size pages with lines of printed type so small that they can be covered by a shirt thread.


Audacious raid on Dickens museum

The BBC Says Thieves have escaped with three first editions of Charles Dickens\' A Christmas Carol, worth up to £30,000 each, in a daylight raid on a London museum. They were taken from a locked cabinet using glasscutters as visitors looked around the Dickens House Museum during opening hours on Thursday, 15 August.


Dictionary speaks volumes for Scots

The BBC Is Reporting The final volume of a unique dictionary of the Scots language has been published.
The Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue (DOST) was originally proposed in 1919 by Sir William Craigie, a Scottish member of the team which produced the Oxford English Dictionary (OED).

The work, which has been supported by Scottish universities and charitable foundations and is published by Oxford University Press, aims to define and preserve Lowland Scots, which many people speak.


Georgia School Board Requires Balance of Evolution and Bible

Jen Young was kind enough to point out This NYTimes Story that says Georgia\'s second-largest school district adopted a policy last night that requires teachers to give a \"balanced education\" about the origin of life, giving equal weight to evolution and biblical interpretations.
The district, Cobb County, had already come under attack this summer for attaching disclaimers to all science textbooks, saying that evolution \"is a theory, not a fact,\" and should be \"approached with an open mind, studied carefully and critically considered.\"

See Also, and Also.


Prices of Books: Book prices put off avid UEA readers

Here\'s One from Reading
is considered an indulgence in the emirates. The high
price of books dissuades many residents from making
a habit of reading, and it is often the cost factor which
discourages parents from urging their children to read
more. Still, importers and retailers claim the price of
books has come down considerably in the past four
They say the importance attached to reading in
Islam is such that the very first verse of the Holy Quran
revealed to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was about
reading, but, many people say they are dissuaded by
the high cost of books.


UNC lawyers appeal Quran book order

Lawyers for the University of North Carolina told an
appeals court Saturday that students wouId be deprived
of free-speech rights if the court banned discussions of
a book on the Muslim holy text, the Quran. The Family Policy
appealed and asked the 4th U.S. Circuit
Court of Appeals in Richmond to stop the book
discussions. The court was expected to rule before the
discussions begin Monday.

Full Story.

While, Elizabeth Dole said the state
legislature should stay out of the debate over
UNC-Chapel Hill\'s summer reading assignment
involving the Quran. She doen\'t agree with the
university\'s decision to ask incoming freshmen to read
\"Approaching the Qur\'an: The Early Revelations.\" But
she also said she disagreed with the House budget
provision that blocks money to the reading program
unless it gives equal time to all known religions.


The Problem in Aisle One

Lee Hadden writes: \"Yesterday\'s Wall Street Journal (August 18, 2002) has an interesting
article on the book trade. Borders is now dividing books up into 1,000
subject divisions.
Hmmm. The same number of broad and fine divisions as the Dewey
Decimal System...
I wonder where they will place a book on vampires from flying saucers
in the Old West that is also a mystery novel and a bodice ripper?\"

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