Bookseller of Kabul

Anonymous Patron writes "The Bookseller of Kabul, a fictionalised account of life in Afghanistan by Ã…sne Seierstad, Norwegian journalist, will not be published in the US until Oct. 17, but is already attracting considerable attention in Europe. This Sunday, Aug. 31, the Observer, published in London, ran a major review describing how she "lifts the lid on Afghan family life". For English-language discussion of the book from a Norwegian source, see: Main character shocked by Seierstad's book, here, also:Ari Behn supports Ã…sne Seierstad, here."


As literary feuds go, it's as good as they get

Charles Davis writes "As literary feuds go, it's as good as they get. Novelist and newspaper columnist AN Wilson has just published a biographical sketch
of his erstwhile friend and heroine, the writer Iris Murdoch. Among other things, the book is mischievously revelatory and quite
spectacularly rude about Murdoch's widower, John Bayley. He, of course, has already published three well-received books about his
wife, their marriage and her death from Alzheimer's disease (successfully adapted for the cinema as Iris, with Kate Winslet and Judi
Dench sharing the starring role).

As an antidote to what might be seen as the beatification of Iris and John, Wilson's Iris Murdoch As I Knew Her claims that Bayley
confessed that he [Bayley] did not like, or even read, his wife's novels; that Bayley's political opinions, allegedly including a
"whooping enthusiasm for capital punishment", placed him to the "right of Genghis Khan"; that Bayley's accounts of life with Iris
were at times misogynistic and motivated by envy of her success, and in general served to trivialise a great writer by reducing her to
an "Alzheimer's Lady".
Story at
The Guardian."


Bookstore Ends Beer Promotion

Robin Blum notes some Bad News out of Lincoln, Nebraska, where The Nebraska Bookstore has ended its free beer promotion for students who bought textbooks.

Barry Major, chief operating officer for Nebraska Book Company, said Wednesday the promotion was dropped because of concerns raised by University of Nebraska-Lincoln administrators.


Business 2.0 Article: Books that Matter

An Anonymous Patron writes "Books That Matter

"What books that should be on every smart executive's reading list...Like a diligent reference librarian, we've pored through the stacks to help you find just the books you need -- the ones that provide the most useful ideas and insights about the world of business today, from texts written 2,000 years ago to juicy tell-alls penned a few months back. We also made a point of straying from the usual MBA curriculum, in part because it's more fun that way, but also because fiction, sci-fi, philosophy, and science provide relevant business insights that you simply won't find anywhere else.""


Ikea bigger than the Bible

Anonymous Patron writes "Ikea bigger than the Bible: Ikea' s information about shelves, lamps and beds is printed in more copies worldwide.Not the Bible nor Shakespeare or Harry Potter come even close to the Swedish furniture giant. The Ikea catalogue is being printed in more copies than the Bible, according to Dagbladet.130 million catalogues are just around the corner, in 28 different languages. A total of 36 countries around the world are waiting to receive this year's catalogue, full of flat packed, cheap furniture. .ece"


Code-breaker reveals a diarist to rival Pepys

Charles Davis writes "A Puritan's journal written in cryptic shorthand to
foil the King's men paints a vivid picture of 1600s
London, reports Will Bennett

A remarkable million-word account of life in late 17th
century England which is as vivid as Samuel Pepys's
diary has been transcribed by experts after lying
largely forgotten for more than three centuries.

A specialist
code-breaker was
brought in to crack
the shorthand that
Roger Morrice, a
Puritan minister
turned political
journalist, used in
part of the diary to
stop the King's
agents reading it.

More at


Book swaps under fire

"A US-based website that encourages the lending of books by leaving them in public places has come under fire from UK authors for denting new book sales and royalty payments."

"Jessica Adams, Transworld author and editor of the War Child anthologies, claimed that the website,, devalued books by co-ordinating lending for which no royalty was payable. "The site's growth should be a worry for authors and for charity bookshops who rely on secondhand books for their income." (from The Bookseller)


Wisdom Of The Sands

Lee Hadden writes "Geographical, the magazine of the Royal Geographical Society, has an
interesting article in the September 2003 issue, pages 37-41. "The Wisdom
of the Sands," photographed by Catherine Hanson, describes how small
private collection of Arabic manuscripts are held in the Sahara. The name
for these small libraries is "Khizanat." These rare and ancient books are
in danger of loss and decay, and are being preserved by the Euro-
Mediterranean (Euromed) Heritage.
See the Geographical site at:"


Check Out: Biblia's Guide to Warrior Librarianship

You may know Biblia from her web site [] already, but did you know she wrote a book as well?
Biblia's Guide to Warrior Librarianship: Humor for Librarians Who Refuse to Be Classified (Don't like amazon? More Options for purchase).

"Examining the lighter side of librarianship, this book presents a combination of outrageously funny cartoons, commentary, and wit. Globally known as Biblia, the Warrior Librarian, Amanda Credaro has teamed with cartoonist Peter Lewis and produced a book that expands on her award winning Web site, Warrior Librarian Weekly, the product of many years of experience in librarianship.


Picture books

The Age Looks At what happens when a book becomes a film.
Novelists adopt various strategies for dealing with the process. Sometimes they're involved in the adaptation themselves. Sometimes they've had screenwriting experience, sometimes they come to it with the barest of notions of what it entails. Sometimes they have their own suggestions - Raymond Chandler liked the idea of Cary Grant as Philip Marlowe, for example.



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