Digital Deception: Cracking CAPTCHAs

The Washington Post: With a test, Web sites let people in and keep out computers set to unleash spam attacks. Now, computers are cracking the code.

5150 TMNK

Cool, caring young New York artist, the me nobody knows...and his flickr page.

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Do I really want it all?

The planning wiki for Uncontrolled Vocabulary showed a piece from ACRLog impacting NexGens. As a twenty-something myself, I imagine I would have some reflections about the reluctance to go into administration. I should say that that does not extend to leadership across the board. Library administration just seems to be an odd task.

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Google's pointers on countering Web spam

Matt Cutts, head of Google's Webspam team and an engineer who's been working on the problem for eight years, offered some tips about combating it during a speech at the Web 2.0 Expo here.
• Use captcha systems to make sure real people, not bots, are commenting on your site.
• Reconfigure software settings after you've installed it
• Employ systems that rank people by trust and reputation.
• Don't be afraid of legitimate purveyors of search-engine optimization services.

Banter on the books blog

Shirley Dent wonders Is her commenting culture so civilised because books breed wit and intelligence, or because what we discuss is not so grave?

Tired of Twitter?

Are you tired of reading banal BS on Twitter?

Or maybe, just maybe, does it scare you that so many people Twitter the most personal things?

Well it scares Tycho too. And today's Penny Arcade tackles the topic of Twittering when it goes a little too far.

Warning: Language is not for the easily offended. Regardless, it's still hilarious.

Twittering For Help

A while back, on this very site, a sort of debate flourished about Twitter. Does it matter? Is it useful? I like it. I don't. It's crap. It's great.

And so the discussion continues.

However, a journalism student from UC Berkeley found Twitter to be of real use when he was swept up by Egyptian police while filming a protest. By tapping out one single word on his phone (ARRESTED) he alerted a network of friends and family to his situation.

Mercury News has the story.

Unshelved's Integrity Questioned?

Librarians see knee jerk reactions in their professions all the time. (WHAT? You need a DEGREE to do THIS?!) Still, this is one for the annals of library history.

Our beloved comic recently came under fire because a storyline had a connection with a product advertised on the site. Mr. Barnes' provided a succinct response to the criticism.

Why Blog? It Could Lead to a Book Deal

Report from The New York Times tells how a blog called Stuff White People Like (very funny) got its founder Christian Lander, an Internet writer, a $300,000 book deal with Random House.



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