Considering an international reach

Considering the global reach of LISNews I figured it was probably best to put forward more button options. It finally hit me last night that folks outside the US would want to donate in their own local currency if they felt so moved. PayPal handles the currency conversions more cheaply than I can so due to infrastructure limits a slew of buttons is needed. Such is presented below.

Donation button for US listeners:

Donation button for Canadian listeners:

Donation button for listeners in New Zealand:

Donation button for listeners in Australia:

Donation button for listeners in the UK:

Donation button for listeners in the Eurozone:

Way to subscribe to support the podcast for one year at USD$20 per month:

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LISTen Needs Your Help

LISTen is busy during its hiatus preparing to be even better. In terms of discussion after comments received we are trying to build in capacity to have guest appearances on the show without having to book a flight to Las Vegas. I wish this were an inexpensive matter but it is not.

Right now I am robbing Peter to pay Paul relative to podcast production. To pay for upgrading hardware and initiating a new back-end service the funds outlay is US$125. The funds needed are broken down this way:

US$50 - Parts to create a bridge to allow guests to be included in the recorded episode
US$75 - Cost to set up for a continuing period access to Skype so that guests can just call in from Canada and not be hit with international phone call rates

From the demographics survey and other response I know we have quite a bit of listeners in Canada. With SkypeIn we can set up a phone number to make calls cheaper rather than paying international rates. Access numbers could also be set up here in the United States and a few other countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

When does the money need to be raised by? Thursday or Friday is when such needs to be on-hand. I wish I could truthfully say there is some other way to obtain the funds for this but I cannot.

Every little bit helps. I am not asking for somebody to donate the whole $125 but will not turn such money away either. PayPal fees are fairly minimal with the way the account is set up. Paying for SkypeIn service establishment can be done directly from PayPal which eliminates a few steps for the team here. An e-mail sent to me at [email protected] may elicit a response via my Gmail account as to alternate ways to contribute too.

Thanks for supporting an effort that so far has had no budget, few staff, and other constraints. It has not been easy but it has been great.

Donation button for US listeners:

Donation button for Canadian listeners:

Donation button for listeners in New Zealand:


Who or what would you like to hear on the next episode of LISTen?

Although LISTen remains on hiatus work continues. There will not be an episode released on Monday. Right now the production team is doing work to make things even better.

A question has arisen, though. We have learned from the demographics survey responses so far that quite a number of respondents serve in public libraries in reference capacities. This impacts how we start setting up shows.

What sort of segments would be useful? Interviews with political leaders like Senator Harry Reid, a US Senator for Nevada as well as Senate Majority Leader? Interviews with leaders in technology inside and outside the world of librarianship? Field reports from other parts of the librarianship Anglosphere such as Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom? A weekly tech report contributed by a someone to be lined up?

There are two ways you can make suggestions in this matter. The first is to write to the LISTen Production Team at [email protected]. The second is to leave a comment on this post.

We cannot promise anything as to what will come of what is suggested. We have to consider what is realistic in terms of production complexity and financial limits. For now this remains a no-budget operation.

Short term funding is sought to keep the host out of hock while issues persist at the host's present day job in terms of deepening cutbacks. Such donations to help during the short term are received using PayPal. Inquiries about other ways to give can also be received via e-mail. To the best of my understanding, PayPal handles currency conversions if you are located somewhere out the United States and feel moved to contribute. This might be important to the seemingly large population of listeners in Canada who might donate.

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"Who Are These People?"

With apologies to Jerry Seinfeld, I want to take a few moments to discuss what is coming for LISTen after this week's episode being posted and hopefully enjoyed mightily.

The results so far of the demographics survey have been very interesting. Rather than being something listened to by the "Google Generation" more listeners apparently come from the ranks of early Gen-X and Baby Boomers. Few respondents reported using an iPod to listen to the podcast with Zunes coming in at zero for reported use. Quite a number of respondents work in management capacities and do not serve in front-line roles interacting with patrons, it appeared.

Do I think these survey responses are necessarily reflective of all listeners? Considering that any listener survey in this case is inherently self-selecting, my first answer is no. All I can do is provide plenty of opportunities to take the survey. Getting a grip on the demographic profile of the listeners we serve is very helpful but only obtainable when listeners take the survey.

Comments are always appreciated and can be sent via e-mail to [email protected]. Replies are indeed sent without any malice intended. I will consider suggestions but may also recommend more appropriate alternatives if possible. If something might not mesh well with the podcast but could be a different project I am willing to start to discuss such.

For example, if you have a cool idea for a short film about libraries and want to get it in the CineVegas film festival we can talk budgeting and logistics as it would only run any member of the production team $15 to enter it. The catch is that the festival runs June 12th to 28th and the submission deadline is March 15th. Such a film, while great, would not likely be something making a special episode of the podcast. Sometimes work in film/video is appropriate or perhaps putting together a website through LISHost. We are not necessarily averse to such things but do need to discuss them.


Lacking a sufficient survey sample size

I have gotten a rather quite small amount of survey responses.

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LISten vs. ALA Step-by-Step Guide to Podcasting

I noticed this morning in the Twitter stream a series of posts from ALA Mid-Winter relative to a document giving a step-by-step guide to podcasting. Initially assuming it was only available in printed form I inquired if I could snag a copy somehow. Surprisingly it was accessible online. The document is entitled "A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Podcast".

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LISten vs. Media Relations Folks: The Case of No Press Passes

Elsewhere the matter has been brought up about wanting original reporting in the podcast. That is a fair assertion. The trial season so far has not had any. That is not for a lack of trying, though.

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LISten Audio Engineer Elected To A Board of Directors

The audio engineer for LISten, Mike Kellat, was elected last night to the Board of Directors of the Guitar Society of Las Vegas. His term on the board is for one year. The association cannot necessarily underwrite LISten, alas, but does good work locally in teaching about music and keeping various styles alive.

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Misadventures in Networking

Where do I begin? Tuesday got interesting. Even there it is very late here I will try to write.

Tuesday started off with the LISten audio engineer calling. In the call that woke me up I was asked what I was doing about seeking either an operating grant or underwriting. I said I would give the matter some thought as I started my day.

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Thinking inspired by Tom Green

This is very late for me to be writing.

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