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The Camel Mobile Library Service

teaperson writes "From The Guardian:

"There was excitement when the library camels appeared on the horizon, refusing to be hurried from their patient progress. The animals set down their cargo, and the staff from the Garissa Provincial Library assembled the tent, laid down mats and unpacked the books."

Yes, in Kenya, an underserved district of nomads sends books around on camels. The Guardian is also supporting an appeal for Book Aid International, which funds this effort (among others)."


Dot's Mobile Library

A charming 2003 profile (Real Audio required) of librarian Dorothy Metcalfe, who has been driving the bookmobile around Nidderdale in North Yorkshire in the UK for the last 34 years. From the excellent BBC program Home Truths, and introduced by the late, great John Peel.


Kenyan Camel Library On The Move

For the nomads of north-east Kenya, a library in a building would not be suitable...hence this unusual but completely functional Camel Library. Three caravans serve 3,500 registered users, and the schools are seeing an improvement in student work.
Very cool pictures and story from the BBC

Just wish we can a camel icon...

Update by Dan G. Borrowed from Slashdot but here's a camel.
Camelthanks Dan G! -birdie


Reaching the unreached: Innovating learning through boats in Bangladesh

The digital opportunity channel - New Delhi,India has one on a neat project in northern Bangladesh. Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha has devised an innovative way of providing educational services to river-locked citizens. The organisation, established in 1982 for upgrading the standard of living of the destitute communities who are socially disadvantaged, has built libraries in boats for providing education to the students unable to reach regular schools.


Milwaukee Bookmobile Faces Axe As City Struggles With Budget

The Milwaukee Public Library is staring down reduced hours and elimination of its bookmobile service as the Wisconsin city struggles with budgetary concerns. Also facing the axe are firefighting staffing levels and graffiti abatement. The Central Library would close early one evening a week as part of the saving measures.

The bookmobile itself was funded in the past through with federal block grant money. But a $2 million cut in the money the city received this year means the service will, most likely, be eliminated. The Mayor of Milwaukee Tom Barrett hopes that a company or other group would sponsor the Bookmobile.


Missouri Library Sponsors Bookmobile Graphics Design Contest

Missourians will see a colorful addition on the road come fall, as the Missouri River Regional Library has sponsored a contest to select the graphics for their new bookmobile. The contest is open to all who wish to participate. The deadline for submissions is Friday, August 5, 2005. Additional details about the contest can be found at the MLRL website.

Located in Jefferson City, the Missouri River Regional Library provides service Cole and Osage Counties in Missouri.


Quaker Mobile Library Service to London Homeless

Adrian Smith sent over This Guardian Article on the Quaker Homeless Action (QHA) mobile library. Their aim is simple: that its borrowers be regarded as equal members of the reading public.

For five years, the van, stocked with a selection of 4,000 books and staffed by volunteers, has headed out twice weekly to five homelessness day centres in London, lending books and taking reader requests. Readers need only a name to sign up to use it.


Viva! Van: Friendly Outreach to Hispanic Patrons

Here's a Virginia librarian who understands the difficulties in reaching an immigrant population and has found a way to build trust and make library services available to a fast-growing Hispanic population.

The idea came from a county group called Hispanic Outreach Leadership Action (HOLA). One of its officers is Lydia Gonzalez, 67, president of the local library board. Gonzalez said she came up with the notion because she knows what it feels like to be an outsider in a new community and how one connection to a local institution, such as the library, can make a difference.

More here from theWashington Post.


projet MOBILIVRE call for submissions

The projet MOBILIVRE-BOOKMOBILE project is gearing up for its 2005 tour and has put out a call for submissions.

Photos of the bookmobile and artworks submitted in years past are available here.


Profile of a 90-year-old North Carolina bookmobile librarian

Amanda French writes "The North Carolina News and Observer profiles Myrtle Peele, 90, who worked for forty years with a rural North Carolina bookmobile, driving muddy back roads to bring books to isolated tobacco-farming communities. Characters that appear here in her all-too-brief reminiscences include wives who neglected their housekeeping to read, the now-extinct breed of door-to-door book salesmen, sharecroppers who owned only a Bible and a dictionary, and a Hemingway-loving handicapped man who trained a goose to fetch his bookmobile books for him!"



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