North Riverside Library Reopens After Renovation

After a three week closure for renovations, the North Riverside Public Library reopened to patrons. Boasting a new youth services and young adult areas, the library also hired three new people for Youth Services.

In a situation many of us can relate to, a planned one week closure worked its way into a much longer period. Workers are finishing construction after the reopening.

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Library Flooded and a "WTF?" Moment

This is one of those stories where I just don't know what to say.

First, a mop falls across a faucet at the Bentonville Public Library and apparently that, in itself, is enough to cause hundreds of gallons of water to flood the janitor's closet, the coffee shop, and the Wal-Mart Meeting Room. I'm no expert on plumbing, but I can do my own and if a dust mop manages to break a faucet like this, something must have been horribly awry.

And speaking of awry, look at that next to the last sentence: "...the janitor's closet, the coffee shop, and the Wal-Mart Meeting Room." Uh, what?

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University of Connecticut Law Library Facade Flaws

Anonymous Patron writes "While the University of Connecticut's Law Library was built just 11 years ago at a cost of $24 million, it will now cost $19 million to repair. Leaks and flaws in the granite facade of the five story building were discovered in 2002. Then the repairs were estimated to cost up to $7 million to correct the dangerous situation. The Hartford Courant has more on the story. http://www.courant.com/news/local/hc-trustees0926. artsep26,0,5248816.story?track=rss"

More on the National Library of Scotland Incident

Update: 09/12 11:37 GMT by B :This is what happened that caused the flood over at the National library of Scotland. Some of the items saved included the last letter written by Mary Queen of Scots and a Gutenberg Bible.


Palo Alto Library Plans Heartily Approved

Two boards enthusiastically approved plans for the construction of a new library and community centre for the Palo Alto Public Library.

The new Mitchell Park library will encompass 36,000 square feet while the community centre provides another 15,000 square feet of space.

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Singapore National Library Wins Award for Energy Efficiency

New libraries have the benefit of creating an energy-efficient environment from the start, and here's one that's won a prize for just that in Singapore. Through various initiatives - including escalators and water taps with motion-sensors, use of natural lighting, and gardens - the National Library Board (NLB) has been taking environmental-friendliness seriously.


DC Library Sues Contractor In Response to April Fire at Georgetown Branch

The Washington Post reports... "The city is seeking more than $13 million in damages from the Hyattsville contractor that was heading renovation of the Georgetown public library when a fire broke out there in late April.

Officials allege negligence on the part of Dynamic Corp., which was handling exterior improvements at the historic branch. A subcontractor for Dynamic was removing lead-based paint from second-floor windows, and it was workers' use of electric heat guns that District fire investigators concluded had ignited materials near the roofline on the building's south side.

MPL Northeast Wants Input on New Facility

The Northeast Community Library of the Minneapolis Public Library System is up for a renovation and a big one at that. Library administration formed an advisory team to speak with the public and learn how they can get the most for their money, which is important when we're talking about a $3 million project.

They want to know how the public really uses the library and what would be beneficial to their patronage. While the library will maintain its original footprint, the inside will change considerably.

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Old Library's Renaissance Tab Grows

It's sticker shock for taxpayers in Salt Lake City , where the new multi-faceted museum project, the Leonardo (the former Main Library), is going to cost $33 million dollars, thirteen million more than originally projected.

Mayor Rocky Anderson is pushing the plan - he has sent e-mails to City Council members - and insiders are scrambling to lobby for a sales-tax revenue bond. The term would extend 20 years.
Mary Tull, Leonardo's director, points to staggering spikes on everything from seismic stabilization and asbestos removal to certifying the building as environmentally sound.
"We have been struggling with the architects and the city to try to get the architectural budget down during this horrendous scope of inflation," Tull said. "It's unreal."

A Talk With a Library Architect

The Norman Transcript posts a rather decent talk with an architect specializing in the art of building libraries. He talks about some of the concerns, challenges, and rewards of being able to design some of the 250 libraries built in America every year.

It does this old Circ guy's heart good when the first thing he mentions is problems with the placement of a Circ desk and how important that is. Having been through more than a couple remodelings, I can fully relate to that.



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