In Prague, A Fantastic New Library that Might Never Get Built

In a country known for being in the forefront of architectural modernism, but that also has a love for history, The Prague Post reports on a controversy surrounding the construction of "The Octopus", the nickname of the as yet unbuilt national library. The building, described here, has become "so deeply ingrained in Prague public's psyche it's almost as though [it] has already been built."

The dispute over the new building has continued for months, as the design by architect Jan Kaplický dubbed “the Octopus” divided city officials and the public. Prague Mayor Pavel Bém, originally a supporter of the innovative purple design, is now one of its loudest opponents.

The latest solution appears to have come from National Gallery Director Milan Knížák, who considers the current Congress Center "extremely ugly", but nevertheless, wants it to "be rebuilt as a new National Library building" instead of allowing construction of "the octopus" . Reconstructing the old communist building (already reconstructed for the 2000 International Monetary Fund and World Bank summit and currently hosting cultural and scientific events) would help promote Prague as a tourist destination, serve its residents and solve the problems currently facing the National Library.”

Libraries and Surveillance Cameras

As the hardware needed to set up and install a surveillance camera gets cheaper and the fear of crime goes up, more cameras are found in more places, including your public library.

The Boston Globe has a story on security cameras in general and their use in public spaces like schools and libraries. However, I found this quote troubling:

Kathleen O'Doherty, director of the Woburn Public Library, will not say on record whether that facility has cameras.

Delhi Public Library Revamped

Visitors to India may want to check out the Delhi Public Library located in Old Delhi. The library recently underwent a remodeling to bring it up to date with more modern facilities. Study areas are now available as is high speed internet access, DVDs, and a new youth area.

The library is intended to act as a safe and serene place away from the noise pollution so common in the area.

More from ThaiIndian News.

Three Former Library Workers Arrested In Kickback Scheme

A few former employees of the Sacramento Public Library find themselves in trouble with the law and face charges ranging from grand theft to conflict-of-interest.

Prosecutors allege that a company owned by the employees overbilled the library for routine maintenance work, receiving a kickback in the US$90,000 range.

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Library In a Staircase

Running out of room at your library? Government won't pony up for the expansion you so desperately need?

Well, take a look around, are you really using your area to its greatest efficiency? For instance, do you have stairs?

So, why not use those?

Warning: I don't know about anyone else, but the first picture on this page gave me a little pang of vertigo. It's almost like staring at a real life Escher creation.

The LOC Exposed in the Wise Guide

This month's Wise Guide from the Library of Congress includes a short article, titled The Library Exposed about Carol M. Highsmith's photos of the Library of Congress Jefferson Building. The article links you to the Carol M. Highsmith Archive where these and other photos reside. Have a look at the 400+ photos of the LOC here.

Arrangement of Desks Draws Controversy

Yes, library folks, people will complain about anything.

The West Hempstead Public Library received complaints that the study desks are arranged in a way that resembles a swastika.

The library's interior designer counters that the shape is not a swastika because the layout runs counterclockwise, the opposite direction of the Nazi emblem. Siting that this layout resembles a Native American symbol that means good luck, the library offers that the pinwheel design also makes efficient use of space.

More on this over at Newsday.

Best Exterior Paint Job Ever

Next time you're on some committee to decide what colour(s) to paint the library's exterior, you may wish to consider something similar to this.

Library Destroyed in Street Riots North of Paris

As the website LivresHebdo.fr has it, "Une bibliothèque incendiée à Villiers-le-Bel" (http://www.livreshebdo.fr/actualites/DetailsActuRub.aspx?id=1168&rubrique=3) Roughly translated by Google (see http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.livreshebdo.fr%2Factualites%2FDetai...) we read the following:

The library Louis Jouvet, who was standing near 30000 loan documents a year, was one of three facilities near the town. "It was actually the most popular library in the old Villiers-le-Bel," says Isabelle responsible Walet. "She welcomed children and adults every day." The building of 280 m2 is completely destroyed. "With my team, we are bewildered and sad," said Isabelle Walet, "we invest a lot in the relationship with the people and, in one night, this public service has entirely disappeared."

See additional coverage at http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&q=Villiers+library+fire&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wn.

North Riverside Library Reopens After Renovation

After a three week closure for renovations, the North Riverside Public Library reopened to patrons. Boasting a new youth services and young adult areas, the library also hired three new people for Youth Services.

In a situation many of us can relate to, a planned one week closure worked its way into a much longer period. Workers are finishing construction after the reopening.

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