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Is this the most beautiful bookstore in the world?

This Mefi Thread points to The Boekhandel Selexyz Dominicanen, Maastricht. Located in the city's old Dominican church - which for years had been used as a bicycle parking garage - the building has been extensively redesigned by Dutch architects Merkx + Girod. From the images you can find on the web you can see that it is a bookshop made in heaven.


All Bookselling Is Local: A state-by-state analysis finds a diverse landscape

Article at Publisher's Weekly:

Conventional wisdom goes like this: for a decade, superstore expansion has barreled across the country, driving out all but a few plucky independents, turning bookselling into a monolithic industry with all the local flavor of a Banana Republic.

Fortunately, it isn't so. At the beginning of 2007, PW dispatched a team of staff editors, correspondents and freelancers to take a state-by-state look at bookselling in the U.S. In interviews with hundreds of retailers, publishers' reps and others in the book business, one undeniable fact emerged: bookselling, like politics, is local.

Article continued here.

Missing Your Old Indie Bookstore? So Does He.

Nostalgic piece by by Monty Manley in BlogCritics recalling an unidentified and now-closed bookstore , where he spent "many long hours sitting in those musty old wingback chairs, poring over some book I had bought or meant to buy or couldn't afford but still wanted to read. It was a special kind of heaven that only other bookworms can probably understand."


For DC Area Children's Bookstore, an Unhappy End

A Likely Story , the beloved Old Town (Alexandria, VA) children's bookstore, won the industry's prestigious Pannell Award and was voted the most outstanding children's bookstore in the nation. For two decades, the bookstore, and especially its children's story time, were fixtures in the lives of many families.

On Nov. 21, A Likely Story hosted a deeply discounted "thank you" sale and closed its doors forever.


Al Mutanabi Book Market Coming Back To Life

NBC News Producer Michele Neubert Reports the Al Mutanabi book market – the longtime literary and creative nucleus of Baghdad - is coming back to life.

"I've had conversations there I haven't been able to have for years. It’s just so free. It's brilliant,"

Battle over books breaks out in Westhampton Beach

A tiny Westhampton Beach bookstore has become the frontline in a battle over the written word. Terry Lucas, owner of The Open Book on Main Street, has fortified her shop with handmade signs, the protests spelled out in glittery letters. "We have fREADom," one poster reads. "Reading=good. Censorship=bad," another sparkles.

"The issue as we see it is not taking anything out of the library," he said. "The core of this issue is whether these two pieces of work are age-appropriate and belong on the list. I don't see this as a censorship issue."

Former employee who took a leaf out of Amazon’s book

The Times has a prfile of Andrew Crawford . They say the notion of competing with Amazon, the internet retailing giant, may appear daunting. But it did not deter Andrew Crawford who took on the online bookseller and has prospered. By 2004 he was free to follow his dream and so, with £10,000 of his own savings, he built a website and the Book Depository ( was born.

The company has a single simple aim – to try to make all books available to all people. Crawford said: “If there is knowledge out there we should be trying to distribute it. That basically has been my mission all the way through.”


Canadian Local bookstore selling U.S. books at U.S. prices

Oh how I miss the days when I could make jokes about the Canadian dollar being worth a few American pennies... U.S. books can now be bought at U.S. prices at one Toronto bookstore.
The Book and Brier Patch, a locally owned and operated bookstore, has announced it will now offer U.S. books at U.S. prices. It's the first local retailer to take initiative in making a switch, and has even done so before any location of bookstore giant Chapters/Indigo Books.
Maybe we can talk them into carrying the In My Book Bookmark/Cards too!


RIP, Fup the Powell's Technical Bookstore Cat

Fup, the feline belonging to Powell's Technical Bookstore in Portland, died on October 25 at the ripe old age of 19. Here's a tribute on the Powell's website.


No Coffee in Iranian Bookstores, Except the Islamist One

Story from The Guardian tells of a new restriction on serving coffee in bookstores, which according to Iranian officials, constitutes an illegal "mixing of trades".

But critics suspect the move is aimed at restricting the gathering of intellectuals and educated young people. The closure order comes amid an offensive against liberal trends by the Islamist government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, which has included the banning of western books.

The reformist newspaper, Etemad-e Melli, pointed out that Ahl-e Ghalam, a bookstore linked to the culture and Islamic guidance ministry, had been allowed to keep its cafe.

Nothing like a good cup o joe with a little fanaticism thrown in.


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