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Text Message from Los Angeles: One hundred new independent bookstores opened in America last year

A Very Defiant Duckling Named Ender who sent over Text Message from Los Angeles: On the demented, celebrity-crazed, surrender-happy, endlessly-on-the-verge-of-being-wiped-off-the-planet publishing industry. (Note to panicked book lovers: Everything is going to be okay.) "One hundred new independent bookstores opened in America last year. One speaker describes "recolonizing the parts of America that chain stores had left barren." This is, by any measure, a big deal. A few years ago, the talk from ABA was that, for the first time in years, as many independent bookstores in America had opened as closed. After hundreds of great bookstores had already been lost, that had seemed like a milestone."

Amazon Bookstore in MN To Stay Open

A reprieve and a new owner for the feminist bookstore in Minneapolis; Ruta Skujins, a St. Paul native with 33 years in the corporate world who had always dreamed of owning a bookstore, now does. She's drawing down her IRA to invest in the 38-year-old business, which has a national reputation as a feminist icon and as a survivor. "That's how much I believe the store can be turned around and returned to its glory days," said Skujins, 56, who now lives in Minneapolis.


Small Publishers Feel Power of Amazon’s ‘Buy’ Button

Article in the NYT about Amazon shutting off the "buy" button for small publishers. This has been looked at on LISNEWS before, although this article focuses on what is happening in Europe in regards to this.
Amazon, the online retailing giant with a fast-rising share of the consumer book market, has adopted the literary equivalent of a nuclear option for rebellious publishers who balk at its demands.

In the latest in a series of disputes over the division of revenue from online sales, Amazon has disabled the “buy now with 1 click” icon on its British Web site for hundreds of books published by the British unit of Hachette Livre, from back-list Stephen King novels to, naturally, “The Hachette Guide to French Wine.”

Full article here.

Amazon down again

On Friday was down for 2 hours. <a href="">News</a> story about that incident. They seem to be down again today. I first noticed at 12:15 central. Anyone notice the glitch before that? Link to <a href="">Amazon.</a> (May or may not work)

The End of the Line for the Original Amazon

Amazon Books, a feminist/LGBT bookstore in Minneapolis is closing. Minnesota Post.

The store has seen a lot of history in its thirty-eight years, including the so-called "Battle of the Amazons" . Here's their website where they direct customers who wish to patronize feminist bookstores to the two remaining ones, a Room of One's Own and Women and Children First.


Book Buyer's Dilemma

current New Yorker cover by Adrian Tomine... "Book Lovers"


Troubled book world is going for novel ideas

Clusters of TV and computer screens beam chatty videos about cooking, travel and wellness books. A music kiosk lets visitors download MP3s or burn CDs, while another offers tips on how to publish your own novel.

Welcome to the newly opened Borders bookstore in Southbury, Conn., which looks less like a traditional branch of the nation's second-largest book chain and more like what customers might see on their home computers.

"We wanted to go beyond selling books, CDs and DVDs and become a headquarters for knowledge and entertainment," said Borders Group Inc. Chief Executive George Jones of the recently opened "concept stores," including one in National City, near San Diego. "We needed to do something new in our stores to compete with all the alternatives people have at home when they shop online."

Full story in the LA Times


Hardcover book market goes soft

Marketplace on American Public Media:

Publishing is a world of increased competition, shrinking margins and long waits to see any green. Jill Barshay reports on how publishing houses are coping with changing times.

Full story here.


Local store support on the rise

Marketplace story on American Public Media:
Even in an era of economic downturn and the big box store, independent book store Skylight Books is expanding. Commentator Kerry Slattery says it's all thanks to growing shopper awareness for the impact of local businesses.

Read and listen to full story.


Borders' Web-Based Plan to Save the Book

Yesterday you may have seen the notice on LISNEWS that the Borders website in now live. There is an 8 minute piece on NPR about Borders, their website and the magic shelf.

In an effort to shore up flagging sales in an industry plagued by declining purchases, Borders started selling books online Tuesday. New York Times reporter Brad Stone says the company has a new business plan, and that they've also created something called a "Magic Shelf."

Listen to complete piece at NPR.



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