Take That, Kindle! A Fore-Edge Painting

Diana points out <a href="http://www.ourcitylights.org/2009/04/fore-edge-painting.html">A FORE-EDGE PAINTING</a>, that's where the page block is fanned and an image applied to the stepped surface. If the page edges are themselves gilded or marbled, this results in the image disappearing when the book is relaxed. When refanned, the painting magically re-appears.


I noticed that both fore-edged books looked gold edged to begin with. Are all fore-edged books like that, with the gold? Would that be one way to tell?


Generally, gilt or marbling is applied by the bookbinder after the painting has dried, so as to make the painting completely invisible when the book is closed but you do not have to have gilt it just covers the painting so you do not know it is there.

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