I'm in Heaven.. or is it Hell?

I just read something that made wonder if it was a joke:
"Hands off our public libraries"

"In North Yorkshire (UK), a pub called The George and Dragon is 'delivering a library service and a pint' to the community."

A library in a pub. I must pinch myself. So I had to find some confirmation, which is here (assuming this is the same place): "the re-opened George and Dragon will be far more than just a pub, but will offer local services including a small branch library, internet access,.."

But the author sees the dark side of this and says, "It is the sound of a back door being quietly opened to the privatisation of the library service."

So, on the one hand, I'm all for pubs having libraries in them, but on the other, I feel that PRIVATIZATION is never good for PUBLIC libraries.

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