SXSW Publishing Panel Sparks Fireworks


Literary bloggers have been debating the SXSW Festival's "New Think for Old Publishers" panel all day. As the short video (by Books and Authors) illustrates, the one-hour discussion exposed a tumultuous, ongoing debate the future of publishing.


Several of the blogs that commented on the forum made the point that there were no new ideas presented. But when the publishers asked for feedback the bloggers were aghast that they would be asked to contribute when they just intended to show up to hear great ideas. The twittering digerati ilk are sure a fickle bunch.

The digerati propound all their great ideas on their blogs and twitter telling how smart they are when everyone else is so dumb. A good idea and a nickel will get you a bowl of rice. How about going out and making something of your big idea? The digerati whiners will find that it is harder to put things into practice than they think. Maybe they should realize that there are people already out here attempting to do the hard work and have many of the same ideas as them but there needs to be momentum for changes to be made.

'The digerati whiners will find that it is harder to put things into practice than they think.'

I'm sure a lot of them know that, but maybe to be confronted by the people who have previously said they know how to deal with things and told, 'well we're stumped too' is a bit confusing.
People can whine and moan but if the 'system' works it balances out. When the system says 'we don't know what to do' your understanding of the system breaks down. If the people with the contacts, the money and experience can't solve the problems what can someone with just an idea do?
It's not that they don't have ideas or can't tell them, they're wondering why the professionals are stuck.
Hopefully that actually means some of the clever clogs will actually get some ideas out there but generally speaking that is not their job! That's the professionals job!

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