A Suspension Reversed in Louisiana

The problem started on May 29 when Bayou Library Branch Manager Patrize Stuart received a call letting her know that there was a discrepancy of one hour between her sick leave sheet and her time sheet, both of which she signed.

Stuart had sick leave for four hours on May 20 while her pay sheet stated she only used three hours. LeBouef changed Stuart’s time sheet to reflect the sick time. Stuart was later suspended by her boss.

A Lafourche Parish councilman’s (Jerry Jones) intervention in the suspension resulted in a special meeting of the Library Board Monday, after which the suspension was overturned.

But Lafourche Library Director Susanna LeBouef has questions whether councilman Jerry Jones, who said he was involved only as a private citizen, overstepped his authority by becoming involved in a personnel matter.

“I never could figure out how you were involved in this,” LeBouef said to Jones at the meeting of the Library Board of Control on Monday. “You have the authority to investigate but you also have a process and that process is not just picking up the telephone and interrogating the administrator of a political subdivision.” Houma Today.


I've read the account in the newspaper, and am still confused about some aspects. If it was just an honest mistake, and was corrected on the timesheet, why the suspension? Has their been a history of "mistakes" on her timesheet, or is there some other reason? (but of course, being that its a personnel matter, they can't divulge).
Of course, why did she take the phone call with an audience present? Sounds like there's some sort of disconnect between LeBouef and Stuart, and Jones gets press for meddling. Perfect scenario for a "How do you Manage" column in LJ!

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