Supermodel as Librarian

As a supermodel and chat show host, we're used to seeing Tyra Banks looking stunning in glamorous outfits.

But in a new acting cameo in hit Disney show Shake It Up, the 38-year-old is unrecognisable as geeky librarian Ms Burke.

With her hair held together with pencils, oversized glasses, ill-advised eye shadow all over her lids and eyebrows, Tyra looks a far cry from her usual self.

Original these Disney folks, eh?


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...they just let the crazy nutter dress herself for a change :-P

Re: Tyra as an unattractive librarian

Not good PR.....a lot of actresses have portrayed librarians like Shirley Jones, Goldie Hawn and Rene Russo to name a few and have been allowed to retain their good looks. Tyra's get-up encourages the continuation of an unappealing stereotype which is certainly not realistic any longer, and denigrating to people in the profession. Let's get rid of it - not perpetuate it!


Tyra banks is unattractive at the best of times in my opinion.

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