Submitting pieces for LISTen: An Podcast

It has been possible to submit audio pieces for consideration for LISTen: An Podcast. That such was possible was not advertised or really disclosed. In the interests of transparency, it is perhaps best to outline submission guidelines. Such guidelines cannot cover all situations and the decisions of the air staff are final. Main Tech Specs 1. Files may be submitted in MP3 format but must be encoded at a sample rate of 44.1 kHz with a bit rate of 128kbps or higher. Files are preferred in WAV format recorded at a sample rate of 44.1 kHz at the highest quality level. 2. Segments should have a running time between five minutes and ten minutes. 3. Segments must be in English. 4. Content must be licensed under the relevant Attribution-Share Alike Creative Commons license for your jurisdiction without additional restrictions. A signed, dated, written declaration that the submission is irrevocably covered in that way must be on-file before a segment can air. This is a move to ensure that we have certainty that the rules by which we can use your work don't have sudden changes. Things Not To Do 1. Sound like Billy Mays promoting a product. That is a commercial and has to be paid for. 2. Sound like the Sham-Wow guy, Vince Offer. That's just not our style. 3. Be anonymous or pseudonymous. It helps listeners appreciate you better if they know who you are. We don't need life stories. An NPR-style closing bit like this could work well: “For the LISNews Netcast Network and Public Radio Exchange, this is Stephen Michael Kellat in the Las Vegas Valley.” 4. Use excessive jargon or use jargon needlessly. Patrons are presumably listening so make sure you include them. 5. Submit a segment that requires more than simple edits on the production end. We try to keep editing to the utmost minimum. Downloading editing work to us is a bad thing. Things To Do 1. Be vibrant and witty. 2. Look at old things from new angles. 3. Entertain, if the piece is for entertainment. 4. Be timely. 5. Reach out across the various specialties. An example of that is making an advance in cataloging interesting for reference librarians and children's librarians. 6. Keep it connected to librarianship. Topical matter like history and so on are appropriate as long as they're geared towards broadening the horizons of generalist reference librarians. Air staff will evaluate pieces. Rejection does not mean we hate you but rather a submitted piece just might not fit our needs at the time. Submissions are started by hitting the contact form, selecting the podcast, and then proposing a segment for consideration preferably before you get too far along recording on your own. Creative Commons License
Submitting pieces for LISTen: An Podcast by Stephen Michael Kellat is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.
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