Stifled by Copyright, McCain Asks YouTube to Consider Fair Use

After seeings its videos repeatedly removed from YouTube, John McCain's campaign on Monday told the Google-owned video site that its copyright infringement policies are stringent to the point of stifling free speech, and that its lawyers need to revamp the way they evaluate copyright infringement claims.

"We fully understand that YouTube may receive too many videos, and too many take-down notices, to be able to conduct full fair-use review of all such notices," wrote Trevor Potter, the campaign's general counsel, in a letter to YouTube and Google. "But we believe it would consume few resources — and provide enormous benefit — for YouTube to commit a full legal review of all take-down notices on videos posted from accounts controlled by (at least) political candidates and campaigns."

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Theres no 'right' to be on YouTube. If you want to use your right to free speech then put it on your own service or your own website. If Google want to be out and out supporting Democrats they could do that as a company (unlikely but I guess the board could say that) and just ban all Republican videos, or vice versa.

Funny how they're all for the DCMA when they're voting for it but don't like the results when it applies to them.

YouTube can't do what they're asking- thanks to the DMCA. If they start monitoring content, they become liable for infringement.

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