Steve Fesenmaier, West Virginia Zoopraxographer - 1978-2008

Steve Fesenmaier will celebrate his 30th anniversary in West Virginia on Sunday, September 14th. Since he came to West Virginia from the University Film Society at the University of Minnesota, he has spent almost $2 million building the last 16 mm film library in the world, co-founded the WV International Film Festival, WV Filmmakers Film Festival, WV Labor Film Festival, and programmed WV films monthly since summer 2004 at his "own" 1950s restored movie theater in South Charleston. He has also worked on dozens of films including John Sayles' "Matewan," Mari-Lyn Evan's PBS series, "The Appalachians," and dozens more. He is now working on directing his first film on the Paint Creek/Cabin Creek Mine Wars of 1912-1913, the most important mine war of them all in Appalachia. He is a MLS librarian from the University of Minnesota, 1979. Read his short recollection at - Read his WV film blog for the largest newspaper in West Virginia at -
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