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I suppose I should say my meager meandering thoughts lately can be found at I work for a very stable genius who is ordering way too much from ACME. How did I get trapped in a cartoon?

Fed Life Working Without Pay

I barely write anything here.

Apparently Alex Jones isn't totally silenced

Too many people have forgotten that Alex Jones started out on shortwave stations like WWCR in Tennessee. The bad news is that he is far from silenced in being run off these websites. He's still being aired on WWCR.

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Okay, about this Telegram thing

Telegram is an interesting sort of messaging platform. I use it for communication in the Ubuntu development community that I still have some vestigial contact with. As the way the budget turns on Capitol Hill, my contact may be increased soon as I may also be under the axe in terms of continued employment along with many colleagues. I am still working on my "digital libraries" project performing an external evaluation of Outernet and may be able to issue a report later this year. A massive RIF/outright mass termination may give me quite a bit of time to write, it seems.

For those wanting to brave contact via Telegram, my user name there is simple. Just look for @smkellat and proceed from there. I will say the encrypted calls sound slightly better than the regular calls on the regular wireless network as of late.

Where am I?

When you get muzzled by your employer, it gets hard to do things. The new CEO at work is a strange fellow. If anybody can tell me the meaning of covfefe, I suppose that'll help explain the fellow.

A Message For Podcast Subscribers

No, the campaign for county commissioner isn't happening as of yet. A PDF message is still being forward to feed subscribers, though.

Demographic Rambling

Four years of podcasting with has been interesting. The statistics make things even more interesting. Sadly, I do not have a complete set of data points. Those that I do have worry me.

Location is key. When it comes to covering the Library & Information Science world, our main focus is not geography but instead topical matters. Based upon what data I can derive from FeedBurner's limited statistics, we may cover the right topical matters but hit all the wrong areas of geographical coverage.

From the limited geographical data I have, the bulk of listeners to LISTen: An Program happen to be located in places like the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada. US listenership actually comes in a bit lower than would be expected. This may also reflect regional preferences in how you subscribe to podcast content since the FeedBurner link is but one way to subscribe. We simply lack data for some means of subscribing to the podcast.

What can I do with having primarily a foreign audience while the content is primarily produced with a domestic US focus? Some changes in content focus may be necessary perhaps. The big problem with that is that we have virtually no budget and are tethered to the south shores of Lake Erie in a township called Ashtabula. We really do not have the assets in place to cover stories in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada. Expansion of assets would otherwise be necessary and we do not have a way to do so quite just yet.

The fifth year of the program is now underway. I want to make changes this year. A big one would be to secure funding for shortwave distribution. With the lessons of this year in terms of how fragile the Internet is, having a backup is important. Considering how much of the listenership is located outside North America, such would be a viable backup that would also skirt around national blacklists and firewalls.

Getting the resources to cover foreign stories is an even harder thing than simply buying blocks of airtime with money we don't have. Foreign collaborators would be necessary. Without any way to compensate them it is kinda hard to recruit such people. Indigenous correspondents would allow for better coverage anyhow compared to trying to secure a travel budget and visa clearances for international travel. We could previously handle this sort of thing through judicious use of Skype but with as unreliable as Time Warner Cable has been locally we cannot go with that option.

These speed results help illuminate what we are paying USD$39.95 to get:

The easy part is knowing what you want to do. The hard part is finding the resources to bring such to fruition. The search for resources is the big challenge for year five, it seems.

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Erie Looking Productions regretfully announces that the release of normal programming is delayed until Tuesday this week. We apologize for any difficulties caused.

The PDF to the essay

Programming Note Relative To 4 July 2011

There will be an episode of LISTen: An Program released on 4 July 2011 notwithstanding the holiday in the United States of America.

FeedSync Test

The nuclear option is being employed on the FeedBurner side of things to realign a major feed. For those getting this as an e-mail digest, apologies for the repeat e-mail. For those seeing this in iTunes...I hope this fixes things...

Cancellation Notice for 14 March 2011

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Erie Looking Productions has suffered a catastrophic equipment failure. As we attempt to repair damage it must be noted that the regularly scheduled release for 14 March 2011 is cancelled. Barring disruptions the next programming release is set for 21 March 2011.

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Production Calendar Test

For better or worse an operational calendar is being updated using IceOwl with Google Calendar hosting it on the back-end. To keep up with the production calendar, use this link in your calendaring package:[email protected]/public/basic.ics

Since PNLA-L has all these updates on TSA...

As I've seen quite a bit of chatter on library-related e-mail reflectors, it is perhaps best to mirror the new signage the TSA just put out for holiday travel. I'm attaching the PDF here so it will distribute outward as a booklet as far as iTunes is concerned in the podcast feed. Podcast feeds can handle more than just audio and video files...

You can find more signage and the government PSA we'll likely be airing here:

Reflections On Three Years

LISNews is celebrating its 11th birthday. The podcast is getting set to celebrate its 3rd anniversary in a few weeks. As always it seems to be my perennial worry in production comes down to infrastructure.

We've had some major backbone failures recently. Our cable broadband provider had a major outage event Monday that has us offline for a while. The only other alternative locally for broadband is asynchronous digital subscriber line and even that has reliability issues locally. In the 17th of 50 states in what should arguably be considered a first-world nation, access to the Internet is hardly reliable at all. While there was an attempt in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 to ameliorate such digital divide issues through the provision of grants, that entire funding program was scrapped to provide the funds to shore up local education agency budgets in the United States reportedly to prevent teacher layoffs.

For now we have GPRS service on a prepaid basis as a stopgap recovery measure in the event of a back-end failure. That is only a stopgap patch and is not a permanent fix. Air cards and the like are available out here but the network connectivity is at least two generations behind what you might find in your average urban metro. There are areas within easy driving distance that are some of the most remote on the planet with no cellular carriers providing any coverage at all.

For Internet-based transmission of multimedia content, this area is hardly optimal. It also highlights the possible failure of the vision of a cloud-based future. For a cloud-based future to truly work, wide-area saturation of minimal access levels would be necessary. Radio waves handle that easily through physical propagation that follows simple laws of physics which makes broadcasting possible. With a network of networks like the Internet, signals do not necessarily have the same metaphorical landscape to propagate across that the ionosphere provides radio waves. Radio waves can move at the speed of light under optimal conditions. While the Internet can open new means of communicating, it does not provide the same relative uniformity the physical world around us has been able to in terms of communications medium.

Three years of podcasting has been interesting. The fourth year is appearing to be one of new challenges that have to be faced. We spent the summer of 2010 preparing for the loss of effective Skype access by improving our communications links. Skype is great...when you have a fast enough data link to support it. With the way our local infrastructure is starting to fall apart, we just do not have that anymore. Between now having to keep costs down let alone scheduling complications that we previously did not have, there are real reasons there have not been as many interviews as previously.

Keeping the program published on a regular basis is the next challenge we have to face. We'll be continuing to price alternative means of accessing the Internet and, if necessary, taking steps to begin alternative links. Time will tell where things progress.

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Programming Notice for LISTen 125

Due to circumstance beyond our control and by decision of the Air Staff of Erie Looking Productions, episode #125 of LISTen: An Podcast shall be delayed in its release until 2130 Eastern Time on October 18th. To convert this to your own local time, please consult at this link: We apologize for any inconvenience caused hereby.

In case your community could not afford fireworks last night...

Here is a recording of some of our local fireworks in northeast Ohio seen last night:

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Torando #2 locally...

Alrighty. About three weeks ago we had a tornado touch down and take out the Andover area in the southeast corner of Ashtabula County.

Overnight into today? Tornado touch down took out part of the City of Conneaut along the Lake Erie shoreline. This was the northeast corner of Ashtabula County.

If this pattern keeps up, presumably the Geneva area in northwestern Ashtabula County is next.

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Podcasts Without A Fruit-Based Player

Sometimes posts are not easily made to Drupal. Drupal likes text and can be tricky to use if you want to incorporate images into posts. When you have a situation of multiple screenshots to display with text, Adobe Acrobat format can be a better container for such information.

In recognition of that the software & service review article attached to this post is available in Adobe Acrobat format only. Click the download link to access the piece. Podcast subscribers will automatically receive the PDF in their playlist as if it were yet more liner notes.


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