Stephen King wrote story called UR for the Kindle


Stephen King wrote a story called UR that is available only on the Kindle. King said that he was initially said no to writing a story but then he thought it was a way he could write a specific scene.

Paraphrase of what King said about story:

My wife likes to say that lobster is an excuse to eat butter. For me, sometimes, writing a story is an excuse to write a certain scene. Wanted to write a scene about the phenomenon of reading off a computer and the crisis point that at least the press has made between print media...and the evil Kindle.

UR by Stephen King


When I preordered his most recent book of short stories for my Kindle, it sent one of the stories right away, before the book was out. I got a great sneak peek that made me look forward even more to reading the rest.

He was the first to do a book entirely on audio, as I recall, and The Green Mile was published as a serial at first, little paperbacks. I love that he is always ready to innovate.

Oh, and according to King, since he wrote about a pink Kindle, gave him a pink one, as well.


Kings "Green Mile " is hardly an innovation. Most of Dickens (and many other 19th authors) was originally published in a serial form. It was much more lucrative. King or his publishers must have thought likewise.

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