State Supreme Court Bans Sitting Justice From Filing His Dissent

From the Law Librarian Blog: The Mississippi Supreme Court ordered one of its sitting justices not to publish his dissent with the Court's majority decision. Apparently the Court stopped its court clerk from filing Justice Oliver Diaz's opinion into the record.

The dissent is available via the Internet. You can read more here.


Justice Diaz opines that the statute of limitations clock for wrongful death cannot start ticking when the victim is injured, but only when the injured person dies.

If that were the case someone may linger in a coma for quite some time before they die from the injuries that caused their death and thus the statute of limitations would expire before the victim.

This is just nutty, you can't censor judges.

Whether or not I agree with the decision, or whatever the legal merits are, not being able to file a dissent seems crazy to me.

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