Stanford signs Google Book Search agreement, endorses court settlement

Stanford signs Google Book Search agreement, endorses court settlement
"Stanford is on the cutting edge of technology development and is using technology to improve access to information not just for their faculty and students, but for the world," said Dan Clancy, Google Books engineering director. "Their early participation was important to the establishment of the Google Books project, and we’re very pleased that they have continued to support this effort and expanded their commitment under the terms of the settlement."


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Google Inspires Knowledge

I may be in the minority, but I like what Google and Stanford are creating, they are encouraging other universitiy libraries and hopefully in the future, corporations and special libraries to become an asset and inspiration for creating knowledge. The dissemination of millions more books that people may or may not have been able to access for many reasons is now becoming a reality with the settlement of orphan works and promotion of working partnerships between entities. The only item missing from this scenario is that every home now needs to be able to afford a computer or some type of technology that will provide the access to the vast holdings of Google.

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