Spider-Man Faces Being Banned In Nebraska Public School

Follow-up blog entry at Comicbook.com to this story.

After watching the news story on Omaha’s KETV Channel 7 website, I did some research into the title of the book, since it’s never mentioned but the cover appears on air. The graphic novel is Spider-man Volume 2: Revelations. Written by J. Michael Straczynski, with luscious curves provided by John Romita, Jr., Revelations was published in 2002 in hardback. Both Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and the Marvel Comics website do not list the book as having been published within the last 6 years, so I don’t know why the book was reported as being new, other than the fact that it was apparently new to that library’s collection.

Now here’s where the school district might have dropped the ball in a big time way. On the copies I have been able to find, the book says in big white letters “Rated PG, Ages 12+.” This book would have been fine in middle or high school, just not in the hands of a 6-year old! Whoever reviewed this book didn’t do their job. Mrs. Svendsen has a right to complain.

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"Written by J. Michael Straczynski...." He created, wrote, and produced "Babylon 5, one of the best sci fi's ever. Just thought I'd mention that.


JMS also wrote Changeling, a recent movie that starred Angelina Jolie. We've recommended his book on scripting on Tech for Techies before. Some other major projects he has been involved with include Murder, She Wrote and the animated series of The Real Ghostbusters. ________________________ Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen PGP KeyID: 899C131F
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