Special Issues 19(1) published

<i>Special Issues: Bulletin of the Canadian Association of Special Libraries and Information Services</i> has published its <a href="http://www.cla.ca/AM/Template.cfm?Section=CASLIS_special_issues">latest issue</a>. <b>Features</b> <em>Membership Does Have Its Benefits: Student Experiences with CASLIS</em> Seven students and new professionals discuss how being involved with CASLIS has benefitted them By Jennifer Green <em>Gateway to Canada’s Immigration Stories</em> A profile of Pier 21’s Scotiabank Research Centre By Lori McCay-Peet <em>A Fable About Government Libraries and Oz</em> A commentary about Library and Archives Canada <em>Conference Tips for Students and New Professionals</em> Some tips from a first-time attendee. By Sarah Harvey <b>Departments</b> <em>News and Notes</em> Information Specialist as Detective Contest results… CASLIS Occasional Paper series… Renovation and Revitalizations in Special Libraries… National Summit on Library Human Resources… Freedom to Read and Special Libraries <em>From the Desk of the President</em> “In Times Like These…” By Robyn Stockand <em>CLA Student Chapters</em> Bridging the gap between the student and professional worlds By Emily Reyns, Brittany Trafford, and Tara Forman <em>Vendor Views</em> Vend or Foe? By Heather Berringer <em>Reviews</em> Retro Review: Desk Set. By Astrid Lange <em>People in the News</em> <em>CASLIS Almanac</em> Upcoming events coast to coast <em>On the Lighter Side</em> Librarian Zombie Defense League… Unshelved
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