So LISNews has disabled anonymous commenting???

I just saw that I could only comment if I register or log in?

What are pseudonymous commenters supposed to do when we can no longer comment anonymously? (log in, first? but I'm really really really lazy!)

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There has been numerous spam post over the last couple weeks. This policy change about comments was probably meant to address that.

It seems that an Anonymous Patron was in the holding queue with a story suggestion that is badly formed spam. We don't even format things here using BBCode but that is what the spammer was trying to play with. I zapped it via Mollom.

My guess is that Drupal had a hiccup. That happens. The browser Safari can also have issues when uploading rich media to Drupal too, for example. All you can do is know what quirks there are and work around them.
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS


Log out and you will see the following line below each story: Login or register to post comments

I did and saw what I saw. It seems odd. It is more likely a glitch in Drupal than a change in policy.

I'll wing Blake a note to see what is up. Implementing OpenID would ameliorate problems related to this, I imagine. If you use Flickr or something like AOL Instant Messenger you already have an OpenID as it is.
Stephen Michael Kellat, MSLS

I don't want to worry about deleting spam all week. I'll turn it back on when I get back.

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