Smithsonian's Archives Fair 2012

October is American Archives Month, a time when Smithsonian archivists and conservators reach out to scholars, researchs, fellow professionals and the public to stir up conversations about the Smithsonian’s collections of archival and historical records and to highlight the many individual Smithsonian archival units responsible for maintaining these rich and complex documentary resources. Organized by the Smithsonian Institution Archives and Special Collections Council (SIASC), the annual Smithsonian Archives Fair highlights vast collections of archival and historical records at the Smithsonian. Staff from over a dozen different archival units will showcase some of the Smithsonian’s archival treasures as well as current projects and programs through a 31-day blog-a-thon, lectures, Ask The Smithsonian in-person and online events, and - new this year - a film series. Descriptions and locations for all the Archives Fair events are at or click on a link below.
The Archives Fair is the highlight of our month long celebration. So save the date!
Archives Fair 2012


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