Should you become a librarian?

Use this flowchart to decide whether you should become a librarian. I hope you find it helpful.

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Mean anonymous comments are just that. I don't get really worked up if the writing on the bathroom stall wall says that I'm a loser, so why would I get upset about someone posting something mean on the internet?

Every good library should have something offensive to everyone. This is one of those times.

Are these personal attacks (eg, "AndyW is a loser") or generic comments ("you're a loser")?

I wouldn't take much credence in either, although the former is certainly more personal.

Your point?

But then...people get rude and make it personal....

I thought it was funny!


The proportion of under-30 MLS job applications we get is growing every year. I expect the average new graduate age is still pretty high, but it's definitely shifting.

But no one is required to get out of your way regardless. Those who feel most entitled are also the quickest to burn out and turn bitter.

maybe you remember a post with this link a while ago, ?

so as I read that, I wondered what kind of flowchart I could make for librarians. it's not easy to come up with a flowchart when you have no flow to chart. but since my only goal was to make something that might be funny, the paths were wide open.

flowcharting isn't easy for "should you become a librarian?" there are many routes to get to get to the same 'yes/no' answers. so after some time, I just simplified it down to some major complaints I hear about the lack of respect for the profession and the prevalence for feline companionship.

there are many other gags one could make. and I'm sure the chart could be better if I cared more. but it's just a joke. ha and ha.

Funny. As with most humor (humour if M. Gorman is reading) about our profession, it's incomplete, but there's enough truth to it to be funny. I liked it. It's hard to do a humorous flowchart about the positive aspects of librianship - - as Lewis Black wrote, all humor comes from tension/surprise. Nice job and thanks for sharing!


And I forwarded it to my staff and most of them got a chuckle out of it too. The day we can't laugh at our stereotypes (while simultaneously working to dispel them) is a sad sad day indeed.
Thanks for making me laugh.

As someone who has worked in several different fields, I can honestly say that there were days as a teacher, as a technology integrationist, as a bookstore clerk, as a waitress and as a typist that I felt undervalued, unappreciated and walked on. These feelings are not unique to the library world.

As far as librarians not being needed -- yes, information is readily available. But the internet is something like a library in which all the books have been taken off the shelves, pages ripped out and thrown all over. A good librarian is able to help a patron navigate the billions of pieces of information to find the one that is needed. That, to me, is a pretty awesome job!!

And, I get no greater thrill than to have a patron come up to me and say, "That book you gave me is the best one I ever read."

Living in Reality

Sounds like you're living in a fantasy land. We like to think that people need us to navigate "billions of pieces of information" but they really don't. They can do it just as well, and better in some cases. And they don't even need an MLS - imagine that!

It was funny, it didn't tell the whole truth about librarians and libraries, I don't think it was supposed to. Goodness can't people post funny things without stirring up a critique of baby boomers and job satisfaction. Btw I am a librarian of long standing and am planning on holding on to my brilliant library job for a long time to come, suck on that Gen Y.

Wow. It's very revealing how no one has dogpiled this commenter for this comment.

No, but I did anyways.................buwa ha ha ha ha!


I changed careers at 50 and have been working for my library district for almost 9 years. I now buy fiction for our district. My boss is fabulous, I love most of our patrons, and the job is fun. I made more money before, but I grew to hate my job. Go librarianship! (The downside of the library degree is the downsizing of library budgets and lack of jobs today.)

Why? Why bash librarians people? I'm a qualified academic librarian, and this is a load of tripe. I could have a chuckle at the flowchart, sure - I've met plenty of librarians who make me weep with how they fit that stereotype perfectly! And I have to admit, I tried public libraries, didn't do anything for me, but I'm a regular user and I'm glad they are there. But some of these comments are appalling.

Stamp books? Sorry, haven't done that in nearly 3 years. RFID, brilliant technology, frees us up to help our library users (mostly HE students and tutors, but could be members of the community too).

No future? As more and more information becomes available to us, we all need help in knowing where to look, how to evaluate information, and how to organise and synthesise that information. THIS is what academic librarianship is all about:

I teach, I have a first degree, a Masters, getting a teaching qualification. Plus I get the added bonus of managing a variety of collections (print and online).

So you know what? those of you who came on here simply to wind a few people up? Well done, you succeeded - but maybe you need to open your mind a little?

Right then, back to those kitties... ;)


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