Shorter University Fires Tenured Librarian for Being Gay That long list of Shorter University employees who are no longer employees on the north Georgia campus thanks to the gay witch hunt launched by President Donald Dowless? Add one. Yep, the school sacked its off-campus librarian, 14-year tenured faculty member Michael Wilson. It’s not like he didn’t know it was coming. Last fall, the school \put in place a new Personal Lifestyle Statement that bans gay sex for faculty and staff, among a long list of other behaviors it argues aren’t in agreement with the Bible. Wilson tried to compromise, striking out the portion mentioning homosexuality, offering up a note to Dowless (photo) and telling his story to the press. It didn’t work. The school axed him with a two-sentence letter on May 23 that implied he resigned by editing the contract.


I find that troubling and counter to my understanding of contracts. Much like the paragraph my employer puts on every policy a signature is required. This contract may be revised at any time.

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