Shelf Check Library Comic Back And Better Than Ever

After what felt like forever Emily Lloyd is back to writing Shelf Check finally! If you haven't checked out Shelf Check, be sure to have a look.


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Does that mean it's actually

Does that mean it's actually funny now? The last time I looked, it wasn't a comic strip so much as political ranting by the main character. I have nothing against discussing politics, but if that's what you want to do, then discuss them - don't pretend you're writing a comic strip and then use one of the characters as your mouthpiece.

yeah, but it's still funny.

yes, it's her opinion, but within that framework, the jokes are funny. if it's not your cup of tea, move along...

Funny thing about a free web-based comic...

It would appear to be precisely the place to have the main character be the mouthpiece of the artist. Wouldn't it? Or is there something about "comic strip" as a form that precludes political discussion? If the latter, somebody forgot to tell the creators of Doonesbury, Pogo, and a bunch of other strips...

Now, if someone's actually forcing you to read it, then you have an excellent point. Otherwise, as Anonymous2 sez...

Walt, good point. However,

Walt, good point. However, Doonesbury actually has a plot that the characters are operating within. Shelf Check (at least the last time I read it) seemed to be nothing more than an essay written in speech bubbles. You're right, no one's forcing me to read it, and that's why I gave up reading the strip a while back.

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