Share your thoughts on the Future of Museums and Libraries Wiki

Share your thoughts on the Future of Museums and Libraries Wiki
The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) invites you to help invent the future of museums and libraries through your participation in UpNext: The Future of Museums and Libraries Wiki. IMLS’s first-ever wiki is a platform where individuals inside and outside of museums, libraries, and related fields can discuss, dissect, expand, and inform the issues outlined in the Future of Museums and Libraries: A Discussion Guide. IMLS will use the knowledge shared in the wiki to help shape the agency’s strategic plan, research directions, publications, convenings, and grant making. The wiki will be officially launched March 3, but is open for registration now.


We're partly responsible for the running of a national program on medialiteracy. As a national audiovisual archive (television, radio, film) and media experience we're developing programs and exhibits on medialiteracy; this year there will be a focus on the local role of libraries on this issue. At our institute we're developing a model in which teenagers play a role as mediatrainers for older generations in libraries.
There will be contact with museums and science centers also to talk about this model. It will be integrated in the national curriculum. In this manner there is a direct link between national policy and the operational aspect that will take place in cultural institutions. Depending on the identity of the institution, either it's a museum or a library, the model will be customized on the spot.

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