Sex in the Library: Kids Have Fun, Librarians Gripe, and the Internet Explodes


We're late to the party, admittedly. But it has come to our attention that the sex columnist for U.C. Berekley's Daily Californian wrote an autobiographical column about coitus in the library -- and the Internet has reacted.

Full piece here


Back in 1981 Edward W Delph wrote an article on the subject in Library & Archival Security. From the abstract: "Public libraries attract various kinds of subscribers who utilize the library in both legitimate and illegimate ways. One group of individuals that employ the public library for unconventional purposes are public eroticists who use the toilets and other accessible areas for sexual purposes. Rather than consume security time in trying to entrap and/or arrest these individuals, if is suggested that changing security functioning and goals and making a few minor structural changes in the settings will discourage most if not all such behavior."

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