Self-Publishing Company Acquires Its Rival


Author Solutions, a publisher of print-on-demand books based in Bloomington, Ind., has acquired Xlibris, a rival self-publisher, expanding its footprint in one of the fastest-growing segments of publishing. Author Solutions, which owns imprints including iUniverse and AuthorHouse, last year published 12,000 titles and sold more than 2.5 million copies of its books, according to Kevin Weiss, the company’s chief executive.

Full piece in the New York Times

Here is another story about this news at Online Insider. This article mentions Walt Crawford.


I've added a comment on the Online Insider post--noting that Lulu certainly offers marketing services (and editorial services, and book design services, and...), but you pay for them. The difference between Lulu and all but (maybe) one of Author Solutions' options is that the latter all have up-front charges ranging from $299 to thousands of dollars. If you need the package of services, great; I don't. Different models for different purposes, both valid.


I noticed that this book has an ISBN: Balanced Libraries: Thoughts on Continuity and Change

That is something that you have to pay extra for correct?

On a similar note do you have a process to use to decide when you go through the process to get an ISBN and when you don't?

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