Self-Publishers Flourish as Writers Pay the Tab


The point may soon come when there are more people who want to write books than there are people who want to read them.

At least, that is what the evidence suggests. Booksellers, hobbled by the economic crisis, are struggling to lure readers. Almost all of the New York publishing houses are laying off editors and pinching pennies. Small bookstores are closing. Big chains are laying people off or exploring bankruptcy.

A recently released study by the National Endowment for the Arts found that while more people are reading literary fiction, fewer of them are reading books.

Meanwhile, there is one segment of the industry that is actually flourishing: capitalizing on the dream of would-be authors to see their work between covers, companies that charge writers and photographers to publish are growing rapidly at a time when many mainstream publishers are losing ground.

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Here are the books that are selling the best for selected POD publishers





At least for Lulu, the list you posted is a list of "best sellers" from Amazon. Since many Lulu books aren't sold through Amazon (you pay more for that), and since Amazon is certainly not the sum and parcel of book sales, it's not a meaningful list. (For CreateSpace, which is a division of Amazon, it would be somewhat meaningful--but I've sold CreateSpace books directly as well as via Amazon.)

If you want the best-selling books for Lulu--which, by the way, is NOT a PoD publisher, it's a PoD operation (Lulu explicitly disclaims "publisher" status, except in the technical sense if you buy a Lulu ISBN: It's just printing books and fulfilling book orders), the site maintains lists of Top 100 best-sellers this week, this month, or for all time. Here's the all-time list.

(The book of mine that's sold most copies on Lulu, Balanced Libraries, currently ranks 1,526--that's with 173 copies of the Lulu version sold to date. The 96 copies sold on CreateSpace and Amazon add up to "#567,977" at this point. for what that's worth...which, given the rapidity with which Amazon sales ranks change, isn't much.)

I spent $10 to have my proof shipped to me, but that was it.

Here is the record to your book on Amazon: Fame and Fortune and Other F Words

The book has the ISBN 1440487332. ISBNs usually take some $$$ to get. Did CreateSpace just give you one or how much was the ISBN?

... I would not have published it if it was going to cost me money...

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