Secrets learned from Sarah Palin's email

So what secrets did "anonymous" expose by hacking into Sarah Palin's email? From what I saw, nothing damning. Only some questionable messages and this recipe:

Sarah's Polar Bear Fondue
One polar bear, cleaned
10 pounds flour
4 dozen eggs
50 pounds Gruyere
50 pounds Emmental
corn starch
6 bottles dry white wine
1 pound garlic, peeled, crushed
serve with Triscuits, yummers!
or with optional baby seal paté (recipe to be sent in follow-up email)

So, no smoking gun there. Odd, you say? Why? What Alaska fishwife doesn't have at least one polar bear recipe up her sleeve?

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I have to go to New Jersey next week. Could approx 750 rats be substituted for the one polar bear?

Thank you for this little bit of humorous sunshine.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen
PGP KeyID: 899C131F

I've seen Jersey rats. You'll only need about 200.

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