Scribners wins Laura Bush lottery

It would seem the first and last actually famous librarian, soon-to-be-former First Lady Laura Bush, has found a home for her memoir, despite an apparent <a href="">lack of enthusiasm from several NY publishers</a>. Scribners is the lucky lady. You can read about it here at Yahoo: I wouldn't give a festering bowl of dog snot for her husband but I always liked her. Smart, classy, rational, diplomatic. Seems the wrong Bush went into politics. She got a lot of money for the book too. More than her husband and close to what Hillary got.


It seems there was some editorializing in that post. Is it not normal practice to put up a poll.

Agreed. :-D
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I didn't just put up the poll because you were editorializing. The whole tone and language of the post was over the top. To use "old school" internet speak it was flame bait.

I'm sorry, I would have edited such out of this post. If what Matt did was flame bait, Chuck would seem to have done the same thing. One could have mentioned quite well Mrs. Bush's book without dragging her husband into things.

I still would edit such a presidential bash out if it was in a post about a book by Michelle Obama.
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I put the poll up about his pervert pedo post. That was the one that I thought was over the top.

love the usage of the UHF quote here. Thanks, Chuck!

"I wouldn't give a festering bowl of dog snot for her husband but I always liked her. Smart, classy, rational, diplomatic. Seems the wrong Bush went into politics."

Well....I agree and I disagree.... I don't care for either of them! As far as I am concerned, she went along for the ride, and I'll bet you dollars to donuts that she is just as bad as he is...otherwise she wouldn't be where she is now...At His Side.

She has done little in ways of public relations, and she's a big fat 0 ZERO in my book...just another yes person.

Oh spare me.....the waste of paper!

Mi Takuye Oyacin

How old are you? Four?

Now this place has devolved into people posting pictures of the whambulance.

This place has really gone to hell in a handbasket.

Apparently not. I made a comment about what I felt was a childish post and it and my comment are gone.

How unfortunate, first polls to see if people agree with my speech. Now censoring my speech.

It was fun while it lasted.

I flagged both you and Chuck on that one using the "Flag Offensive" button. Chuck opened fire and you launched a return salvo. What I did does not delete those comments but reserves them for private review. Personal attacks like what went up earlier are uncalled for. I'm not the one who does the review, mind you. That happens above my head. Flagged comments can be restored but again, that's not my call. ________________________ Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen PGP KeyID: 899C131F


Nancy Pearl (aka the action figure), Cassanova, Jorge Luis Borges, and Melvin Dewey no longer count as famous librarians? There's a half dozen famous fictional librarians I can name in my sleep. Sure, she counts as a famous librarian (one I dislike more then her husband) just not the first or only.

Mao Zedong...he was a librarian too.

Nancy Pearl - librarian and NPR famous. Doesn't count.

Cassanova - I'm on the fence

Borges - relative to the entire population, an infinitesimally small yet non-zero number of people have heard of Borges

Dewey - yeah, ok

I was about to post a story on the same topic when I saw Chuck's post in the story suggestion line-up. I chose to post it (with the addition of a link to a past LISNews story) as is; i.e., with the "festering dog snot" reference (descriptive, ain't it?). I wouldn't have used that language, but I felt Chuck was entitled to write it as he saw it.

I do wish that LISNewsterz would pause and reflect before they get out of control with supercilious polls and attacks. But the bottom line is...we should not censor if we can help it; I'll go along with the NYT motto, "All the news that's fit to print". It may not have been in good taste, but it was fit to print.

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