Scout Helps the Library While Earning His Badge

Weeded books from the Mamaroneck Library found a new home thanks to Eagle Scout Benjamin Bernstein.

Bernstein and about 20 of his friends and family members donated about 3,000 books to the Hispanic Resource Center. The donation is a part of Bernstein's Eagle Scout Service project, which will distribute almost 10,000 cast-off books from the Mamaroneck library to various organizations throughout the community. Bernstein is a volunteer at the library.

The library was trying to figure out a way to put 10,000 outdated books to use as it prepares to break ground on a multimillion-dollar renovation and expansion project next month.


If we could clone kids this would be a good one to start with.

These are outdated weeded books that are not wanted by the Library but they're fine for the Hispanic community?

Saying that the ones in the photos look like perfectly good novels.

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