Scientists Comb Peoria Library Site for Remains

Sure libraries are built on the foundations of human knowledge...but hopefully they're not built on top of human remains.

PEORIA, Ill - Archaeologists excavating the site of a planned new library say they found 10 burial sites from an old cemetery while searching for human remains that would have to be moved before construction can begin.

Midwest Archaeological Research Services started work at the site Tuesday. The planned new Peoria Public Library will be built on what was a city cemetery until the mid 1800s.

Hundreds of people were buried there, apparently more than the 321 bodies that local records indicate were moved from the cemetery when it closed.


Not to be cheeky (well, OK, I am), I hope that rumors don't start, and people get that Poltergeist feeling. Seriously, I hope that they are treating the remains with dignity, and are allowed a proper reburial. Still, it won't be long before the ghost hunters show up.

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