School Librarians annoyed by Palin e-mail hoax

An e-mail hoax showing a false list of books then-mayor Palin wanted banned was <a href="">forwarded to media specialists</a> in Palm Beach County. While district library manager Janeen Pelser apologized for forwarding the e-mail before verifying the facts, some question her original intent and her usage of a district computer.


I got a phone hijacking warning from my local police last week. Why they didn't bother checking the facts I don't know.

As for misuse of works facilities for sending these things on, are we all accessing this website from our home computers? Or are we at work expanding our knowledge and professional contacts?
Not like the email sent was of cute kittens or half naked people (unlike some Palin emails doing the rounds)

There are Palin e-mails of half naked kittens (or cute people, or was it the other way around) doing the rounds?

Janeen Pelser said she was speaking against censorship, not engaging in partisan politics, when she forwarded an e-mail titled "here's the list of Books SARAH PALIN wanted banned ... VERY IMPORTANT" to dozens of media specialists on Tuesday.

Let's say that Palin had actually banned some books. Then we could say that Pelser was speaking against censorship as she claims. But even if books were being banned it had nothing to do with the Palm Beach County School District. Get to work Ms. Pelser and stop stumping for Obama on work time.

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