Say Goodbye to the Tech Sounds You’ll Never Hear Again

The Typewriter
Skipping CDs
The Payphone
The CRT Television
Blowing on a Nintendo Cartridge
The Telephone Slam
The Modem
The Dot Matrix Printer
Tape Hiss
Advancing Film in a Camera
Friction-Shifting a Bike


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skipping vinyl made a comeback, so why not some of these others?

and I don't hear tape hiss, but the new Comedy Central channel on Sirius radio hisses ever 20 seconds, not sure why.

Phew, I thought I was going

Phew, I thought I was going crazy with the comedy central hiss on Sirius

I hear the same annoying hiss only...

I hear the same annoying hiss only it is pretty constantly and it is rhythmic. Hissssss, Hissssss, Hisssss etc. anyone ready to complain to sirius?

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