Save the State Library of Massachusetts

At a press conference on Thursday, October 29, the Massachusetts Governor's Office announced that Governor Patrick is considering closing the State Library of Massachusetts as a cost-saving measure. This closure will have a monumental impact on the cultural heritage of the Commonwealth. Open to the public since 1826, the State Library has developed comprehensive collections in the areas of government documents, law, Massachusetts history, and public and current affairs. From the Bradford manuscript "Of Plimoth Plantation" to the ever-expanding digital repository, the State Library has collected items of crucial importance to the record of Massachusetts' historical wealth. Please sign our <a href="">online petition</a> to show your support of the State Library of Massachusetts: Additionally, if you would like to contact the Governor's office directly, please visit <a href="">his website </a>. If you would like to make a donation, please visit the Friends of the State Library page at Follow us on <a href="">Facebook</a>
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