Save our libraries fire the librarians


It was hard to pick my favorite quote from this one. You really need to read the entire thing!
Save our libraries, fire the librarians
Reason 1: Our library is corrupted by the far-left ALA.
Reason 2: Our library has slanted bookshelves.
"The time has come for Nassau County and Fernandina officials to light a prairie fire and signal to all America that our libraries will be rescued from the Radical Militants who arrogantly want to control our and our kids' minds and bodies."


I must have missed the library school class where they taught us how to control people's bodies. Man! I feel cheated now! That giant zombie army would sure help with committee work...

"I used the website search engine of the Nassau County Library System"

So, did he search the catalog or search the website? Because I'm guessing he's going to get different results when searching the website as opposed to the catalog.

Yeah I found some of his statistics kinda eye-brow raising. No anit-marxism books? I take it the library doesn 't have books by Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly or anything that has been published by one of the talking heads at Fox News within the last five years, made numerous NYT bestseller lists and has been purchased by nearly every single library in this country, by their commie librarians no less. Someone's not trying hard enough.

I checked their catalog - they have 6 books by Glen Beck, and 1 book critical of Glen Beck. They also have 8 of Ann Coulter's books. I think the bookshelf just slid back toward level.

There is no book called " A Woman in Heat Wiping Herself" - it's a line from a poem by Sharon Olds. As is "Outside the Operating Room of a Sex-Change Doctor." They own one book of her poetry. And I don't see "Rainbow Boys" in their catalog at all, although it is a real book. They don't own anything else by the author, either.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Best comment on any thread EVER!

How about firing library board attorneys? See: News 12 NJ: Access to Pornography at Libraries Raises Concerns.

Ann Grossi, Esq., Roxbury Public Library: "... if the library attempts to restrict access, regardless of how offensive, it would be a violation of the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States."

Holy non-sequitor, Batman!

This guy needs to take a libray science class, as his reference skills and fact-checking abilities are very poor. He mentions ALA accreditation of libraries. I know ALA has accreditation for library schools, and offers optional credentialing for paraprofessionals and professionals, but I ever recall ALA accrediting individual libraries.

He mentions as an ALA web site. It is not an ALA site. All you have to do is go to the site's home page where it reads "from the health experts of Nemours."

I could go on, but why bother. While I am no fan (or member) of ALA for a number of reasons, this gentleman has an obvious agenda and, to quote the great Deputy Barney Fife "he's a nut."

what is wrong with this statement? "Yet, the government of Nassau County has ignored the powerful statement of recent elections and opted to take a course absolutely opposite voters' wishes."

okay, if you elected them, then they are fulfulling your wishes.

otherwise, which government do you mean? some imaginary gummint?

(oh, he means some collective conservative majority that exists everywhere and has that secret handshake.)

Ignore Thompson, he is a whackadoodle spouting ill informed drivel. Anybody who can characterize ALA as "Czarist" and imagines that they dictate anything to anybody outside of 50 East Huron street is clearly delusional.


I live and work close to ALA headquarters in Chicago. To say that they have any influence at all over our library is laughable.

I visited this library, as a tourist to Amelia Island. The library is totally inadequate. The writer knows not of what he speaks.

I may not agree with many things the ALA does, but yikes this guy is off his rocker.

Wow. ALA "controls" its members? Thank goodness I let my membership lapse before they could put the implant in my brain.

This guy graduated... from college...with HISTORY?! I guess the school motto for "the U" is "Derp!"

This guy is looking so hard for Commies that he missed some details. The ALA is both Far-Left and Czarist? I'm no history major, but it seems like the Marxists didn't get along with the Czar.

You'd think a guy with a background in editing -- and married to a teacher for the past half-century -- could have caught the inconsistency. But we're not making informed arguments here, are we Mr. Thompson? We're just calling people every nasty name our small minds can conjure up. That's what sells newspapers and wins elections.

Personally, I love the Radical Militant Librarian t-shirt. (And I voted for Bush both times.) I just feel sorry for guys like Thompson who suffer from such a severe deficiency of irony -- diagnosis: intellectual anemia -- that they don't get the joke.

The shirt is a protest against a Big Brother government using the Patriot Act to stick its nose into my personal business (or my patrons' personal business). He completely missed the point. Oh, and he confused t-shirts with some far more serious form of expression, like newspaper editorials. Maybe he's handled so many campaign shirts over the years that he doesn't realize that most communications via t-shirt are designed to be funny.

In positioning the assault on libraries as part of a larger political movement to reduce the role of government, destroy public goods in general, undermine the professionalism of public servant, and reduce taxes.

Please keep all those issues in mind when you vote - even if a candidate is spouting off about how "America is broke" and can't afford decent public education, or public services in general, you can be sure they will go after librarians as well. It's all a piece.

It's all very well, us lot reassuring ourselves and each other that this article is a croc of monkey snot, but you know whom we really need to tell? I didn't look terribly hard for his contact details, because i was a bit too annoyed to look at the article for long enough, but if there aren't any, i'm sure the editor of News Leader will be so kind as to pass on our politely-worded e-mails...

I meant "crock" obviously. But my 'k' key is a bit chocolatey.

"There are four books on atheism, but no mention of pedantic cats that pursue a godless discipline."

Anyone know what this means? It almost makes the whole piece sound like satire. Is he saying that the author of "What My Cat Has Taught Me About Life" is being blasphemous, or that it's really a cruel satire of Christianity but somehow none of the reviews have caught it? So a book involving cats and satirizing atheists must be purchased by the library? Oh please, Mike Thompson, tell me you have written such a book!

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