Sarah Palin follows the lead of Cliff Stoll

Sarah Palin is taking cues form Cliff Stoll. See the first minute of this video. Pay special attention from the 40 second to the 50 second mark in the video.


Why do you keep posting things that having nothing to do with libraries? People read this blog for LIS news, not to hear you snipe about your own politics.

Point 1:

Jump to minute 27 and Stoll specifically discusses libraries. The video is library related. Stoll has an excellent discussion in the video of the phrase "information is power". To paraphrase what he says "Information is not power. Who has the most information in your neighborhood? Librarians! And they are notorious for having no power at all."

Point 2:

Piece was marked as humor. I post a humor piece once a month at most. In the last six months I have posted maybe three humor pieces. When it comes to humor I would argue that a slight deviation from library related topics would be ok. Especially in the small doses that they are posted on LISNEWS.

OK, so the video is about libraries - why drag Sarah Palin into it? Even if it is meant as humor? How is making fun of a lightning-rod figure like Palin at all related to a library-news website? It bothers me that there is this idea that everyone who reads this blog would think that is funny.

A good collection should have something to offend everyone.

Now that this can of worms has been opened here is an article that may be of interest.

Palin Hand Notes Are Alarming, Embarrassing


At a certain age and at a certain professional level, it's really not cool to write the big stuff down on your hand. Yellow stickies, maybe. BlackBerry, maybe. But if you were sitting in your doctor's office after an exam, and saw that he'd written on his hand: "Diagnose Illness ... Write Prescription," you'd be more than alarmed.

Now to relate this back to libraries. I just wrote the word BOOKS on my hand. I will refer to the note on my hand when making future posts on LISNEWS to remind myself of what is allowed.

If you should be bothered by "non-library" related posts....why bother reading them?

Some of us enjoy a bit of humor now & again, an update on the active ignorance of plain, and short library blurbs...

Strictly Library news can be so...yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn! We see it time & time again, even here, especially if it has nothing to do with the particular type of library we're interested in.

This is so much better than other sites....and a break from the day to day tedium is a good thing... We are about information, after all!


Maybe anonymous will find this funny. Can't say we don't play both sides of the room.
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