Sarah Palin bio -- surprise bestseller?

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Chances are Sarah Palin is having a pretty good day. Yesterday she was governor of Alaska; today she's John McCain's running mate.

Kaylene Johnson must be nearly as happy. She is the Alaskan author who penned "Sarah: How a Hockey Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment Upside Down." Will people wanting to know more about the Alaskan governor turn to this bio to tell them more?

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Link to book on Amazon: Sarah: How a Small Town Mom Turned Alaska's Political Establishment on Its Ear

Sales rank was #18 on Amazon when this was posted. - 29 August 2008, 10:48 eastern time

The book is illustrated. Don't want to use to many words or the republicans will get confused. But this way they have shiny pictures to look at. Buy a copy it will look good on the dash of your SUV or on the coffee table in your McMansion.

I'm sorry I realize you didn't intend that be substantive, but was it supposed to be funny?

Oh, and if you are going to criticize a group's intellect it would help if you spelled too correctly and capitalized Republican as it refers to the party not the form of government.

I'm may be just one of those Republicans you think so little of, especially since I don't have an SUV or a McMansion, but I do think your comment lacked any redeeming value. It had neither substance nor humor. Oh, wait no substance or humor... that seems like the Democratic presidential nominee.

(See that was humor, as a Republican I know quite a few funny quips about Senator Obama; if it gets your knickers in a twist let me know and I'll make a joke about Senator McCain so you don't get offended by inequitable treatment.)

One could argue that favouring the use of pictures over text not only dumbs down books for the weak-in-the-brain, but that it also serves to keep them highly attuned to advertising, which helps to protect the Corporate State.

You aren't getting all unpatriotic and unAmerican on the Fatherland, are you? After all, if you don't help the likes of McCain keep his net worth over five million dollars and pay for the upkeep on his at-least-four houses, then he could wake up middle-class right in the middle of his presidency.

Why! That could be down right embarrassing.

There is nothing that cannot be found offensive by someone, somewhere.

All NonFiction should have illustrations. Especially current biographies. And military history books must have maps.

I think that a book with a lot of pictures might be perfect for you! Let me quote something you wrote in your idiotic and hopelessly ridiculous criticism of Republicans: "Don't want to use to many words or the republicans will get confused." To many words or too many words. You make Democrats look stupid. I don't know many people that have made a lot of money that are stupid. They are obviously good at something. Here is how stupid Democrats are...Obama has pulled off the biggest sale in history. This guy was a nobody and hasn't accomplished anything as a leader and people blindly follow him. I challenge you to tell everyone here what his plans are when it comes to the economy besides overtax the wealthy. The amount he plans to spend as a President would require a lot more than what he plans on stealing from the rich (the people who employ everyone and take risks in order to provide revenue for the government and opportunities for other business owners). Obama wants to negotiate with people that hate us and bring instability to the world. Obama supporters don't have a clue what the issues are and real ways to solve our problems. The #1 argument is that McCain is just like Bush. Totally wrong! He has defied Bush so many times and has proven throughout his life that he is the best person for the job!!

Thanks for the tip. I just bought a copy for our collection.

Who keeps books on the dashboard of their car?

You are quite right - Republican should be capitalized. Sarah Palin and education? Give me a break! This woman is evidently anxious to preach 'creationism' - at the cost of scientific thought - in the education system! If this be the case, she is to ignorant - and we have had a surfeit of ignorant these past several years - to be elected to any responsible office. Gawd help us....


Gov. Palin wants to allow schools to teach creationism NOT to the exclusion of anything else, she feels that it is appropriate to discuss the theory of creationism - that it is another theory to that of evolution - if it came up during discussions of evolution. She does not advocate teaching creationism exclusively.

Supporting reasoned debate, discussion and learning! We wouldn't want people to be exposed to the ideas of others.

Oh, and when you are calling people ignorant you will give a better impression if you spell too correctly.

And who's version of creation are you going to teach? All of them? Or just that of christianity? Can you say discriminatory?

Oh, and by the way, creationists are misusing the word theory. The Theory of Evolution is a hypothetical theory the same way the Theory of Relativity is a hypothetical theory. (For more on Einstein's work, read Black Holes And Time Warps, by Kip Thorne; a very authoritative work.)

Furthermore, the debate among paleontogolists is not whether evolution occurs, but by what mechanism it proceeds. So when ultra-conservatives and christo-fanatics say that even scientists say evolution is only hypothetical, they are bearing false witness. A clear and present blashpemy. For which they will burn in Hell; by their own rules, of course.

There is nothing that cannot be found offensive by someone, somewhere.

>Oh, and if you are going to criticize a group's intellect it would help if >you spelled too correctly and capitalized Republican as it refers to >the party not the form of government.

tHe Sky IS bLUE -- This is still the truth even when written like this. I am sure that I can find grammar errors in what you write. To nitpick grammar errors on blog comments is infantile. If I write an essay I will proofread it carefully. When people write comments on blogs they are going to make some grammar mistakes. If I read today's Wall Street Journal do you think I won't be able to find some grammar errors? Should we disregard the WSJ because of that?

The sky is not blue; it only appears blue due to the scattering of the light you see. Look at a lovely sunset over the water as I do every evening, the natural palette of colors would please even Roy G. Biv.

If you insist on suggesting that a certain group is less intelligent than you it would make your comment slightly less laughable if you were to use proper grammar and spelling when you call people ignorant. Had you been discussing the sky your error would have been immaterial, but you were opining about how stupid you felt a certain group was. If you insist on calling people stupid it would behoove you to proofread and spell check as any errors invalidate your argument.

You just have your knickers in a twist because you made yourself look foolish.

Funny...very funny. Just was curious about the book, and rec'd a whole show...too much time on your hands, both of you..shame, shame. Get a grip about your grammatical errors, and your crayon boxes...move on about the book...anyone?

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