Sage Publications gives free access to its journals through All Hallows Eve

Sage Publications (Human Factors, Am. J Sports Med, Ed Researcher, etc) is offering free access to all of its Journals until 10/31/08.

Simply register at their site and start reading.


i am buisness student adn i would like to be a part of sage publications for now and for future studies and practical life because it is providing us educational tools in all fields.

Please ask the librarian at your school about accessing these journals after the free period ends. The librarian will be able to provide you with access, if not to these, then to similar journals.

If you cannot contact a librarian locally please include contact information in reply to this post and I will assist you in obtaining access.

Fournissez votre information de contact et je vous aiderai en obtenant l'accès.

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N.B. I am leaving in the lines in Arabic, it may just be my browser. I can see it in preview, but when I post the comment it displays all question marks. Perhaps in other browsers it works.