Sacramento Library Under Fire for Black Ops Tourney

The Sacramento Public Library is the target of recent criticism due to its upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops tournament. Escapist Magazine reports.

Libraries have been scrambling to gain the attention of the world's new technology-focused population, and one effective method they've found is to embrace the videogame. Videogames and videogame tournaments are not uncommon to see in public libraries these days, but not everybody is happy that kids are playing games in such close proximity to books.

According to the Sacramento Bee, The Sacramento Public Library is planning to host a Call of Duty: Black Ops tournament as part of its humorously named "Nerd Fest." Even though the library will only allow those 17 and older to play, the tournament is still attracting the ire of activists that likely have nothing better to do than rail on videogame violence... again.

Library director Rivkah Sass isn't backing down and says that the tournament will proceed on December 11 as planned. Her opinion is that it makes the community aware that the library has something for everyone, and is "simply providing a program and people are free to attend or not." Dr. Steven Schlozman of the Department of Child Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital echoes her positivity, and told the Bee: "This might be an opportunity for the library and the veterans group to talk a little bit about war, not in an angry way, but to tell the kids, 'You should know this is a game, and it's different than going to war.'"

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