Robber Nabbed @ Your Library

A chase and a capture at the Winston-Salem Public Central Library...reported by Journal Now.

Not just your average day at the Forsyth Library...the robber ran from a parking garage, through a Methodist Church and then with police in pursuit, to the lower level of the Central Library, which houses the periodicals department.

Natalia Tuchina, a supervisor, said she saw a man run into the corner of the building. A group of police officers chased him. She said the man fled to an opposite corner, then ran up the staircase that leads to the main level of the library.

Police then surrounded him, drew their guns and ordered him to the ground, Tuchina said. They handcuffed him and led him through the library's main entrance into a waiting police car.

The periodicals section has a maze of stacks and no exits or windows in the back, where the man had run to, Tuchina said. "I guess the guy didn't know where to run," she said.

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