RezLibris, December 2008 issue

Hello all! I just wanted to announce that the second issue of RezLibris, a library magazine created in Second Life, is out! Check it out at don't have to be involved in Second Life to read it...or even to enjoy it. So, take a glimpse...let us know what you think!

Bunny Burnstein


This is just not happening in Real Life Time...this is not happening in my Real Life Public Library.... My "Second Life" is at home reading a book and answering my e-mail.

For some reason Second Life does not appeal to is like Play Land in's not in my day to day living reality.

The name RezLibris....fooled me into thinking that this was a Native American Reservation Library magazine....again a Real World/Living Breathing People thing.

Sad this...

Mi Takuye Oyacin

I'm sorry that the title misled you, and I value your comment. I must confess that I'm puzzled by this strong reaction to something so many people are into. I love books and spend a lot of my spare time reading, but I also understand the importance of keeping up with new, emerging technologies. SL may not be happening in your real life public library, but it's happening in other real life libraries around the world. Fact is...just because it isn't happening with your library, doesn't mean it isn't happening with your patrons. It also doesn't lessen its value.

Bunny Burnstein

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