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Purists will be perplexed and the average moviegoer ultimately disinterested by director Tim Burton’s pedestrian spin of Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic, Alice in Wonderland. Those hoping to see the heroine swim in the pool of tears, the pig-baby, or the Mock Turtle will leave disappointed. Instead of losing her way in Wonderland, this Alice takes the Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings route, fighting evil as an empowered warrior.

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does Hollywood need to make a movie where the young woman defies convention and says, "I am my own person"? if you have a young woman protagonist, she's gonna say it. and worse, in this film, she decides not to marry a man who no woman should ever marry. why does the guy need to be obnoxios or a monster? is every movie Beauy and the Beast? can't they have an arranged marriage to a real winner, but the girl decides she's not ready anyway? oh, wait, we did: it was Sex and the City and Samantha, Who? and lots of other TV shows from the last 10 years...

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