Results of the Censored 1992 Wilson Library Bulletin "Librarians and Sex" Survey Released

The results of the 1992 'Librarians and Sex" Survey that was censored by the Wilson Library Bulletin have been released in Will Manley's blog "Will Unwound" at This was the survey for which Manley was fired as a columnist from Wilson Library Bulletin in June of 1992. He was forbidden to release the survey results in Wilson. Over 5,000 librarians responded to the survey.

First column is an explanation of the happenings of 1992, scroll down for the Sex Survey of Librarians. Hot stuff!!



reinforces the mouse-librarian stereotype... just the idea of a sex survey for librarians makes me feel that the author believes the stereotype.. like all those tattooed/pierced librarian surveys: dull.

if you're having sex in the car or in a tent in the backyard or in the fitting room at JCPenny; just keep doing it and keep away from the surveys.