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A woman in her early 40s accidentally fell asleep on her family room couch one Saturday night. She was watching TV, exhausted, she nodded off around 10pm. Several hours later, she was woken by a loud pounding on her front door. Confused, unsure of the time and disoriented she jumped to her feet, stumbled to the door and opened it, thinking it must be her son returning from being out at the movies.

She quickly realized it wasn't her son, but someone trying to get in the house. It turned out to be a thirty something year old man screaming "they're trying to kill me" as he tried to push his way into the house. She pushed back and managed to hold him off until her husband woke up and ran downstairs…

The husband pushed the crazy guy out into the front lawn, the wife ran and called the cops. A short pushing match between the men ended, the guy calmed down right away, and the 2 guys sat down on the front porch. The cops arrived (amazingly fast), put the guy in cuffs without a fight and into the car. It was all over in less than 5 minutes. It turns out crazy guy was at a party next door and must've been doing some drugs that got him all crazy.

So you might be wondering why I wrote about this. I brought this up was because I was really surprised at how almost every single gun owner I told this story to responded in almost the exact same way: "I would've blown his head off" or some really close variation of the head removal via a specific type of gun. I only heard one reasonable response from a gun owner: "I would've brandished my gun, told him to back off, if he didn't, I would've shot him in the leg." 5 out of 6 gun owners I asked all said with great pride that man would be dead now. And all of them were confident in their ability to act calmly and not miss a shot.

The folks without the guns were equally single minded in their responses. 0 out of some larger number (not sure how many it was, but it was more than 6) of non-gun owners even knew what they would've done, myself included. Everyone came up with some kind of plan, but none really knew. I don't know what I would've done. It was the middle of the night, dark, I would've been awake for about 10 seconds when a decision needed to be made, if I owned a gun there is no way I could've made a good decision at that point. I do know in this case no one needed to die.

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I would've have called for Metro's Crisis Intervention Team. This would be a case requiring fairly special handling. The lad would have made a trip up to that particular hospital on Charleston Boulevard but it would have been for his protection.
Stephen Michael Kellat, Host, LISTen
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