Remind Your Patrons: Take A Good Idea From DropBox

Aaron Schmidt: Here’s what Dropbox sends when someone who signed up for the service hasn’t recently used it. These go out only occasionally (from what I understand, I don’t think I’ve ever not used it since signing up!) so it isn’t overbearing or terribly spammy. Plus? It is short, easy to read and rather engaging.
Are any libraries sending out email prompts like this when someone hasn’t used their library card?


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"did you forget something?"

I get these messages when I put something in my cart but decide not to buy it... no, I didn't forget. stop bothering me. the same feeling would go for when the library would bother me. plus, I would file a complaint with the state attorney against the library for using my personal information for non-library business.

fine line

There's a fine line between reminding and persuading and we are bombarded with so many messages/emails/phone calls asking things of us that I would tend to agree with the poster above...stop bothering me. When people participate in a activity, they are usually willing to participate again or more fully. When they are lukewarm about an activity, it's a bit annoying to be asked.

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